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RE: [council] News Alert -- Toronto Presentations Published

Thanks for the history Kurt.  I either forgot it or was not aware of some of it.


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        Kristina, Mike, Chuck, et.al.:
        So these meetings were started as meetings between ICANN and gTLD 
registrars to promote understanding of registrar obligations under the RAA - 
i.e., to improve compliance with RAA contractual conditions. These meetings 
were especially necessary and useful in certain regions outside the US where, 
it was thought, that registrar obligations were not well understood. With the 
accreditation of new registrars, the meetings continue to be very useful for 
that reason. Registrar fees are used to improve contractual compliance. These 
discussions are necessarily between ICANN and its contracted parties.
        After having meetings for this purpose in Europe and Asia, we received 
requests to have a similar meeting in North America. Since then, we have had 
three annual meetings in each of the three regions. After the first meeting or 
two, Registries asked to be included. Since a large part of the discussion 
about ensuring a good registrant experience is related to the 
registry-registrar relationship, registry participation was welcomed. I can 
understand how participation can seem both obligatory and onerous to registries 
to some extent - registries generally attend events in all three regions where 
registrars only attend the event in their region.
        The initial meetings were some of the early significant outreach events 
conducted by ICANN, especially in Asia. Since funding was not available then 
(and we seek to act responsibly and economically now), we asked participants to 
sponsor segments - someone pays for lunch, someone pays for dinner, someopne 
pays for coffee. This year, among others, Afilias sponsored the baseball game 
trip, Tucows sponsored a dinner, ICANN paid for the meeting room, the meeting 
planning and coffee. We split the costs. Every participant pays their own way.
        In this meeting in Toronto we discussed in detail the plan for transfer 
of registry operations in the event of a failure and, in a separate session, 
data transition for terminated registrars. Both these measures are being 
implemented for the protection of registrants. Both these measures require 
detailed discussions among registries, registrars and ICANN. 
        Contractual compliance improvements
        Protection of registrants
        Split the costs
        Implement continuity procedures
        On 8/28/09 1:58 PM, "Kristina Rosette" <krosette@xxxxxxx> wrote:

                Gee, Mike, didn't you read the FY2010 budget as approved by the 
Board?  I thought the only two constituencies that exist are the contracted 
party constituencies.  After all, they're the only ones mentioned in the 
budget. (See Constituency Support sections of the Organizational Activities 
(Section 4.7, p. 11) and Operating Plan Activities (Appendix A (A.7), p. 
                Setting aside the irony of only mentioning 2 of 6 
constituencies in the budget at a time when we're told that increasing the 
breadth and depth of stakeholder participation is an organizational goal, I 
agree that it would be valuable to have the same special access to information 
and presentations.  Personally though, I'd prefer to participate remotely.  I 
already spend about 1 month each year traveling to and attending ICANN 
meetings. That's enough for me.
                There is a little value in being excluded, though.   I've 
definitely gotten mileage out of describing these meetings to the outside 
world; if we were included, I wouldn't be able to do that. . .
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                Thanks Glen.
                Just curioius, when is the next regional meeting of the 
non-contracting parties scheduled?  Many of us would be very interested to have 
some of these same discussions and staff presentations, without the contracting 
parties around.  Such meetings might surely enhance knowledge and foster better 
cooperation between ICANN and its NON-contracted stakeholders.
                Really, are these regional meetings really necessary when there 
are 3 ICANN meetings a year already?  And the contracting parties constantly 
and ubiquitously complaining about travel funding for ICANN Staff and 
                Also, no mention of the Afilias-sponsored Major League Baseball 
game in this note, but is it a conflict of interest for contract parties to 
provide perks to ICANN Staff?  (I presume some were sponsored, but I do not 
know.)  If so, should they be publicly disclosed somewhere?  Is there a policy 
on that?
                Just curious, as it seems there ought to be one if there's not.
                Mike Rodenbaugh
                Rodenbaugh Law
                548 Market Street
                San Francisco, CA  94104
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                Subject: [council] News Alert -- Toronto Presentations Published
                Toronto Presentations Published
                25 August 2009
                On 20-21 August 2009, ICANN hosted its North American 
Registry/Registrar Regional Event in Toronto, Ontario. Remote participation for 
the event was made available via Adobe Connect and an audio conference bridge.
                The regional event model was introduced in 2006 as a means to 
inform and educate gTLD registries and ICANN-accredited registrars about ICANN 
activities and processes that may impact their operations. These events also 
broaden participation in the ICANN multi-stakeholder governance model for 
registry and registrar staff members who do not generally attend ICANN's annual 
public meetings. ICANN subject matter experts facilitated discussions on issues 
such as gTLD registry continuity, contractual compliance, new gTLDs, GNSO 
policy activities, security initiatives, the 2009 Registrar Accreditation 
Agreement, and the terminated registrar transition process.
                Such discussions enhance knowledge and foster better 
cooperation between ICANN and its contracted stakeholders.
                The Toronto event also featured a session on registry/registrar 
areas of interest that was facilitated by David Maher, Chair, Registry 
Constituency, and Mason Cole, Chair, Registrar Constituency. The chairs co-led 
a discussion about how the two groups might work better together on joint areas 
of interest such as electing leaders for the GNSO Council and engaging in 
discussions when new registry service requests, submitted via the Registry 
Services Evaluation Process (RSEP), have the potential to impact registrars.
                In the interest of transparency, the presentations are being 
made public.
                The following information is available about the event:
                *       Master PPT presentation:
                [PDF, 11,100K]
                *       New gTLDs:
                9-en.pdf [PDF, 369K]
                Thursday 20 August 09
                Friday 21 August 09
                gTLD Registry Continuity Plan Workshop
                - Patrick Jones (pages 3-33)
                Contractual Compliance
                - Stacy Burnette (pages 84-96)
                New RAA Implementation - Tim Cole
                Core Planning Team Meeting/Registry Data Escrow - Patrick Jones
                Registry/Registrar Dialogue
                nto-20aug09-en.pdf>  - David Maher and Mason Cole
                Welcome/Introductions/Key Messages - Craig Schwartz/Tim Cole
                ICANN Policy
                - Margie Milam (pages 38-75)
                Registry Presentations
                Registry Presentations
                Registrar Constituency Update
                toronto-20aug09-en.pdf>  - Mason Cole
                Terminated Registrar Transition Process - Mike Zupke
                - Yurie Ito (pages 103-134)
                New gTLDs
                09-en.pdf>  - Kurt Pritz
                National Cyber Forensic Training Alliance 
                (NCFTA) (pages 136-155)
                Glen de Saint Géry
                GNSO Secretariat

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