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Re: [council] Additional topic and motion for this weeks agenda

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  • Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 08:26:53 -0400
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We have no procedure for excluding someone from a vote. We do, however, have a way for each council member to decide for her or himself whether they need to abstain because they have a conflict of interest. I am sure that everyone who possibly (they may not know yet) has such a conflict will consider your admonition.

I would also note this particular conflict of interest is ignored in most circumstances, whether it is Legislators voting to raise their own pay, or Boards voting to give themselves pay.


On 14 Aug 2009, at 02:59, Adrian Kinderis wrote:


I propose that if and when this motion is made that all Councillors that may not be continuing on the new Council due to the reorganisation abstain from voting as they are significantly conflicted. That is; they are effectively voting for their own free trip to ICANN.


Adrian Kinderis

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Since I was not able to send the proposed letter on increased travel
support due to the absence of consensus, I have added it as an AOB
topic to the agenda and have included a possible motion.  Since this
letter has been on the table and list for consensus consideration for
over 2 weeks, I hope that it is acceptable to put it forward for this
week's meeting.

the motion (as yet not made or seconded):

Motion made by:

Seconded by:


The plan is to seat the new council in Seoul,

and current council members may not longer be council members at that


Send the following letter:

Letter to Kevin Wilson,

I have been mandated by the GNSO council, by a vote of XX to YY, to
request support not only for the members of the new bi-cameral council
to be seated at Seoul, but also for those current council members who
may not be continuing on the new council due to the reorganization.

The reason this request is being made is to provide continuity to the
GNSO council at this time of restructuring, reorganization and

Thank you
Avri Doria
for the GNSO Council



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