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Re: [council] Council vote on by-laws (from Stéphane)

On 13 Jul 2009, at 07:03, Tony Holmes wrote:

Avri - could you provide can update of where we are with this. Have you communicated anything at all to the Board regarding this vote yet?

Immediately after the meeting, I sent Raimundo informal notice of the results indicating that a formal announcement was forthcoming - he had asked to be let know immediately. This was before receiving the CSG- to-be request.

I am now waiting on the formal notice of a vote that Glen puts out after the abstentions check the wording to make sure it says what they meant to say, and after watching the dialogue to figure what, if anything, I attach to the bottom of the formal announcement as per the request of the CSG-to-be or the counter requests of others. As instructed during the meeting I will also be sending notification of the vote to the comment list. I am not sure it is possible in this case, but i will try to word that note in such a way as to not offend anyone on the council too much.

Finally, I do not plan on adding a list of how everyone who was absent, either due to previous announced absence or just absence, say they would have voted had they been in attendance or had the absentee ballot provisions been in effect.

I would also point out that the comment list is open and all that wish to add comments are encouraged to do so. this might be a great place to indicate how you would have voted had you voted.

Apologies for the delays in answering, I was attending the 'overarching' issues meeting in NYC and there was no connectivity - just stopped into a Starbucks so I could respond to the email.



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