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RE: [council] Regarding joint SO/AC initiatives

Hello Stéphane,

> While I see the logic of what you are suggesting, I'm not 
> sure I understand
> how you link that to the joint SO/AC sessions.
> Forgive me if I simply misunderstood what you are saying, but are you
> suggesting that these topics be handled in those sessions?

Actually I was suggesting that the joint public sessions that have been run so 
far - are good for speakers from each side expressing their points of view - 
but they don't help reach any consensus/compromise.  In fact they are probably 
better for discussing brand new policies where wide ranging views are useful at 
the beginning of a policy development exercise.   I was suggesting that to move 
forward on issues such as geographic names that you may consider a different 
approach of getting smaller working groups of experts together to consider the 
issues further.

Bruce Tonkin

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