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[council] Election results - Final tally -- please check

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  • From: Glen de Saint Géry <Glen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 00:46:29 -0800
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  • Thread-topic: Election results - Final tally -- please check

Dear All,

Please find the results of the election for 2 GNSO representatives to the 
Community-Wide WG on Geographical Regions.

Ballots were received from 21 individuals.  Weighted voting was used; 6 ballots 
had a weight of 2; 15 ballots had a weight of 1.  Counting the weights, the 
final tally is:

     7 - Eric Brunner-Williams
    24 - Olga Cavalli
    17 - Zahid Jamil

Though every voter was entitled to cast votes for up to two candidates, it is 
interesting to note that 5 individuals chose to vote for only one candidate.
Even so, had each of these 5 individuals chosen to vote for an additional 
candidate, the overall outcome would be unchanged.

Please check your ballot below as provided by the electronic voting system.

The following ballots had a weight of 1:

B02a8ac5cfD:20081203113531:[X] Olga Cavalli
B02a8ac5cfD:20081203113531:[X] Zahid Jamil
B02a8ac5cfD:20081203113531:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B02a8ac5cfD:20081203113531:[] None of the Above

B03f741a86D:20081201082549:[X] Olga Cavalli
B03f741a86D:20081201082549:[X] Zahid Jamil
B03f741a86D:20081201082549:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B03f741a86D:20081201082549:[] None of the Above

B06c37aacfD:20081128132033:[X] Olga Cavalli
B06c37aacfD:20081128132033:[X] Zahid Jamil
B06c37aacfD:20081128132033:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B06c37aacfD:20081128132033:[] None of the Above

B0a5d159d6D:20081202220448:[X] Olga Cavalli
B0a5d159d6D:20081202220448:[X] Zahid Jamil
B0a5d159d6D:20081202220448:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B0a5d159d6D:20081202220448:[] None of the Above

B3726b5db1D:20081128131550:[X] Eric Brunner-Williams
B3726b5db1D:20081128131550:[X] Zahid Jamil
B3726b5db1D:20081128131550:[] None of the Above
B3726b5db1D:20081128131550:[] Olga Cavalli

B3905ebc72D:20081203071700:[X] Olga Cavalli
B3905ebc72D:20081203071700:[X] Zahid Jamil
B3905ebc72D:20081203071700:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B3905ebc72D:20081203071700:[] None of the Above

B711e511e4D:20081128102718:[x] Olga Cavalli
B711e511e4D:20081128102718:[x] Zahid Jamil
B711e511e4D:20081128102718:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B711e511e4D:20081128102718:[] None of the Above

B903bf1547D:20081128164137:[X] Olga Cavalli
B903bf1547D:20081128164137:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B903bf1547D:20081128164137:[] None of the Above
B903bf1547D:20081128164137:[] Zahid Jamil

B95c0aec4fD:20081203120723:[X] Olga Cavalli
B95c0aec4fD:20081203120723:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B95c0aec4fD:20081203120723:[] None of the Above
B95c0aec4fD:20081203120723:[] Zahid Jamil

B991dea054D:20081202180616:[X] Zahid Jamil
B991dea054D:20081202180616:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B991dea054D:20081202180616:[] None of the Above
B991dea054D:20081202180616:[] Olga Cavalli

Bb098c0634D:20081202064734:[X] Olga Cavalli
Bb098c0634D:20081202064734:[X] Zahid Jamil
Bb098c0634D:20081202064734:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
Bb098c0634D:20081202064734:[] None of the Above

Bbcfa0648dD:20081201000111:[x] Olga Cavalli
Bbcfa0648dD:20081201000111:[x] Zahid Jamil
Bbcfa0648dD:20081201000111:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
Bbcfa0648dD:20081201000111:[] None of the Above

Bbd94e7c3eD:20081201034926:[x] Olga Cavalli
Bbd94e7c3eD:20081201034926:[x] Zahid Jamil
Bbd94e7c3eD:20081201034926:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
Bbd94e7c3eD:20081201034926:[] None of the Above

Bd1ebdddf0D:20081204153017:[X] Olga Cavalli
Bd1ebdddf0D:20081204153017:[X] Zahid Jamil
Bd1ebdddf0D:20081204153017:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
Bd1ebdddf0D:20081204153017:[] None of the Above

Be459fd368D:20081204061129:[X] Zahid Jamil
Be459fd368D:20081204061129:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
Be459fd368D:20081204061129:[] None of the Above
Be459fd368D:20081204061129:[] Olga Cavalli


The following ballots had a weight of 2:

B6a794de4fD:20081204152828:[X] Eric Brunner-Williams
B6a794de4fD:20081204152828:[X] Olga Cavalli
B6a794de4fD:20081204152828:[] None of the Above
B6a794de4fD:20081204152828:[] Zahid Jamil

Bc2fddd568D:20081128205525:[X] Olga Cavalli
Bc2fddd568D:20081128205525:[X] Zahid Jamil
Bc2fddd568D:20081128205525:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
Bc2fddd568D:20081128205525:[] None of the Above

B04e587944D:20081129015553:[x] Olga Cavalli
B04e587944D:20081129015553:[x] Zahid Jamil
B04e587944D:20081129015553:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B04e587944D:20081129015553:[] None of the Above

Be561c37b4D:20081203065419:[X] Eric Brunner-Williams
Be561c37b4D:20081203065419:[X] Olga Cavalli
Be561c37b4D:20081203065419:[] None of the Above
Be561c37b4D:20081203065419:[] Zahid Jamil

Bcdcbbd1f9D:20081203160053:[X] Eric Brunner-Williams
Bcdcbbd1f9D:20081203160053:[X] Olga Cavalli
Bcdcbbd1f9D:20081203160053:[] None of the Above
Bcdcbbd1f9D:20081203160053:[] Zahid Jamil

B5f5afa777D:20081129034623:[X] Olga Cavalli
B5f5afa777D:20081129034623:[] Eric Brunner-Williams
B5f5afa777D:20081129034623:[] None of the Above
B5f5afa777D:20081129034623:[] Zahid Jamil

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