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Re: [council] FW: Relation between ccNSO and gNSO: New gTDLs


A good suggestion.    I will add it to the list.

Though I also hope it is discussed and has elements forded into the response that will be proposed by the drafting team that is working with Edmon on response to the current state of the idn-ccTLD FAST Track proposal.



On 6 May 2008, at 17:11, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

I don't believe that there has been any Council discussion on this paper from Jon since he submitted it to the Council list. I want to suggest that we allot some time for discussing it in our meeting scheduled for 29 May; that would allow us a few weeks before the Paris meeting to take any action we may decide to take (e.g., prepare a letter for the Board) prior to any cc fast track process is considered in Paris.


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I have drafted a small note on some thoughts which occurred to me on the relation between the fast track for international cc domains and the situation when a general policy has been adopted in the future. I have appended the note to this message rather than include it in the body of the message, it is a couple of pages long, and perhaps is best communicated in this way.

I will be pleased to be corrected or supplemented.

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