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PDP Timing Re: [council] Proposed Resolution re Domain Tasting


It is true that the council has long ignored the timetables in the PDP process, not so much out of wilfulness but out of a realisation that while the processes could be followed, the proscribed timetables were difficult to follow. This was pointed out in the LSE report, if I remember correctly.

The entire process from the initial request for an issues report to the production of a final report and the commencement of Council deliberations takes 120 days (i have sketched out the process below). There is, as far as I can tell no limit n how long those council deliberations can take after the release of the Final Report, tough I see no by-law provision for further process other then deliberation after that 120 day period.

Having said that, I am willing to try and constrain the process to the time table. And with Ross calling us to account on the by-laws, we certainly must consider doing so as despite request for change in the by-laws, we have not yet received any change in by-laws from the Board not have we received any formal dispensation of the requirement to follow the timetable as currently documented.

In that case we need to vote today to initiate both PDP proposals as we are long beyond the 15 day mark for deciding on the initiation of the PDP. For both PDP proposals we need to do the following:

- Get the report from Staff on the reports they have submitted.
- Hold a vote to initiate the PDP - 33% need to vote yes in order to initiate the PDP - if the vote succeeds then hold a majority vote on whether to form a Task Force or not. - if not, then we can consider forming a short term WG to assist in the non TF option, but that working group will only have 35 days to complete its work.

I will also have to work with staff to schedule council meetings so that we can attempt to meet the strict timing requirements for finishing the work and beginning deliberations.




A reminder of the timetable:

Day 0
request for issues report

Day 15

- release of the issues report

Day 30

-vote on PDP
(unless the board has requested the PDP in which case there is no vote)
- majority decision on Task Force or Committee of the whole
- Public announcement of PDP and commencement of public comment period

Day 40

- if TF then constituency appointees to TF announced
- if TF finish preparation of charter
- if no TF then representative appointed from each constituency to solicit constituency views

Day 45

- if TF first meeting, elect TF chair

Day 50

- if TF end of public comment period

Day 65

- all information submitted to Staff Manager, including from ad-hoc groups or working groups if they are formed to assist in the process.

- all consituency statement received

Day 70

- if Task Force release of Preliminary Task Force report

Day 75

- if TF final meeting of TF to vote on report

Day 80

- if TF then release of Final Task Force Report

- if not TF then release of Initial Report

- begin public comment period

Day 100

- end of public comment period

Day 110

- final Report submitted to GNSO chair

Day 120

- Council begins deliberation on final report

(the by-laws are not specific on how long the council may deliberate)

On 11 okt 2007, at 02.44, Ross Rader wrote:

presuming this goes down the PDP path, the council should attempt to do so within the confines of the process outlined in the bylaws.

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