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RE: [council] Concluding the work of the Transfers Review WG.

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Thanks Ross.  Much appreciated.  Regarding your proposed motion, my only
concern is the time period for constituency comments.  I recognize that
it says "no less than 14 days" so it could be longer, but I would
suggest that it be changed to say "no less than 21 days".  Two week
turn-around for constituencies is often quite hard to do.

Chuck Gomes
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> Subject: [council] Concluding the work of the Transfers Review WG.
> Colleagues;
> By way of this message, the working group on inter-registrar 
> transfers concludes its work. Pursuant to Council resolution 
> 20050512-03, this group had a mandate to "...review the staff 
> Transfers report in order to seek clarification, further 
> information and provide guidance for the 6 month review and 
> to report back to the Council..."
> This working group conducted its work through mailing lists 
> and teleconferences sporadically held throughout 2005-2007.
> The working group, with much assistance from ICANN staffer 
> Karen Lentz, has produced the following three reports:
> 1.  Advisory Concerning Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy
> (Transfer-Advisory-23aug07.pdf)
> This is submitted by the WG to the Council as a suggestion 
> for an advisory to be posted and distributed to the 
> community.  It is intended to provide clarifications and 
> reminders on some common questions.  The items covered in 
> this document are those raised by the WG and believed to be 
> not generally well-known or understood.
> 2.  Points of Clarification Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy
> (Transfer-Denial-Clarifications-23aug07.pdf)
> This is submitted by the WG to the Council as a suggestion 
> for tightening the language on 4 areas within the list of 
> reasons for which a registrar may deny a transfer request - 
> to modify these requires policy development work, but this 
> document may be helpful as a starting point to reduce the 
> time necessary to be spent on this work.  The purpose is to 
> move toward tighter wording of some key points in the 
> existing policy to remove loopholes/provide clarification.  
> The suggestions included in this document are based on 
> available references to the intent of the original policy work.
> 3. Communication to GNSO on Policy Issues Arising from Transfer Review
> (Transfer-Policy-Issues-23aug07.pdf)
> This is submitted by the WG to the Council as a suggestion 
> for areas in which further policy development work may be 
> desirable.  This list came from issues identified by the 
> members of the working group.
> The recommendation of the working group concerning these 
> reports is as follows, in the form of a resolution that may 
> be considered by the GNSO Council;
> "i) Whereas the GNSO Working Group on Inter-registrar Domain 
> Transfers Policy Review (Transfers WG) has completed its work, and;
> ii) Whereas, the Transfers WG has provided a series of 
> reports to the GNSO Council for its consideration,
> Be it resolved that;
> i) The GNSO Council will issue the working group report 
> entitled "Advisory Concerning Inter-Registrar Transfer 
> Policy" for constituency and community review and comment for 
> a period of no less than 14 days, and;
>       i.a) pursuant to this comment period, all material 
> commentary will be summarized and reviewed by Council
>       i.b) pursuant to the review by Council that the 
> current, or an amended form of this report be provided to 
> Staff for posting to the ICANN web site as a community advisory.
> ii) Pursuant to section 1.b of Annex A of ICANN's Bylaws, 
> that the GNSO Council initiate the formal GNSO Policy 
> Development Process by requesting the creation of an issues 
> report evaluating issues raised by the working group document 
> "Points of Clarification Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy".
> iii). That the GNSO Council form a short-term planning group 
> to analyse and prioritize the policy issues raised in the 
> report "Communication to GNSO on Policy Issues Arising from 
> Transfer Review" before the Council further considers a PDP 
> on any of the work discussed in the report."
> I would personally like to thank the participants of this 
> working group for their time and effort. I would also like to 
> specifically thank Karen Lentz of  ICANN for doing all of the 
> heavy lifting and the incredible patience she had with our 
> rather laid back scheduling.
> We will review these documents at the next Council meeting, 
> but I am available for questions via email beforehand.
> Thank you all.
> --
> Regards,
> Ross Rader
> Director, Retail Services
> Tucows Inc.
> http://www.domaindirect.com
> t. 416.538.5492

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