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RE: [council] Fwd: GA

  • To: "Avri Doria" <avri@xxxxxxx>, "GNSO Council" <council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [council] Fwd: GA
  • From: "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 14:16:04 -0400
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Your proposed response seems pretty good overall in my opinion.  But I
think it would be good to ask them some questions as follows:

There are three factors that need to be considered in this request:  1)
The GNSO Secretariat already has an excessive workload so it is critical
for the Council to make sure that the demand on her time is within
reasonable bounds; 2) ICANN operational staff members also have full
workloads so we need to make sure that any new tasks that may be
assigned to them fit within their job responsibility capacity; and 3)
would any additional workload created by the institution of the proposed
GA list rules interfere with other GNSO priorities.  In that regard, it
would be very helpful to understand what responsibilities for
implementing and enforcing the list rules would depend on ICANN staff
(Secretariat, operational staff, etc.).  For example: who would do the
list monitoring?  Would any support be needed by ICANN staff in that
regard and, if so, what is an estimate of how much time might be needed?
Who would enforce the rules and at what point would ICANN staff need to
get involved?  Any detail that can be provided in this regard would
assist the Council in responding to the request.

Chuck Gomes
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: owner-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
> [mailto:owner-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Avri Doria
> Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 11:06 AM
> To: GNSO Council
> Subject: [council] Fwd: GA
> Hi,
> As far as I can tell, we all received a copy of this email 
> from the GA chair.  Even so, given the council's 
> responsibility for the GA list, I wanted to send it to the 
> list so that it would be included in our archives.
> As an initial approach, I would like to do the following with 
> regard to the GA charter (found at http://www.geolang.com/
> draftGAListRules5.htm):
> - Acknowledge the GA request for consideration of their charter.
> - Given the council's by-law responsibilities for the 
> moderation of the GA list, encourage them in taking steps to 
> bring order and discipline to the GA list and indicate that 
> they have the council's support in implementing the mailing 
> list rules indicated in Section 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 with the 
> following exception in section 2:
> > The Announce list is available for official pronouncements only.  
> > Emanating from the Secretariat of the NC and/or the Chair of the GA
> >
> In this case, the GA-announce list is solely for the use of 
> the GNSO Secretariat for notifying the GA subscribers of GNSO 
> and other ICANN informational items.  I do not recommend we 
> make any change at this time in this list's status.
> - With regard to the organizational sections of the charter, 
> specifically 6, 8, and 9, indicate that the GA is free to 
> determine its own organizational structure, with the 
> following exceptions in section 8 on elections:
> >  An election is usually held near the end of the term of office for 
> > the chair of the General Assembly. The exact time is decided by the 
> > outgoing Chair and the Chair of the GNSO.
> > Nominees for the Chair are sent to an email address provided by the 
> > Secretariat.
> - With regards to the exceptions listed above, as I read 
> them, they require activity by the council, its chair and 
> secretariat that are not specifically mandated by the 
> by-laws.  Since the by-laws governing the GNSO and its 
> governance structure are currently under review by the ICANN 
> Board and its Governance WG, I recommend that we postpone any 
> discussion of these issues until after the GSNO council's new 
> governance situation is settled and understood.
> I should also point out that there was an earlier request 
> that the GNSO council create another public discussion list, 
> similar to the GA list but limited to members of existing 
> GNSO constituencies.  The request was independently submitted 
> by a member of one GNSO constituency, but was not backed up 
> by that constituency at that time, so I did not take it 
> further.  I am bringing it up now for completeness sake.
> I suggest that we try and resolve the issue of my response to 
> the GA request over the email list.  If there is need I will 
> list this item under AOB in the next agenda, but if there are 
> no objections to the response I suggest or to a modification 
> of the response that we can agree to on the list, perhaps I 
> can go ahead with a response without the need for a specific 
> agenda item.
> Thanks
> a.
> Begin forwarded message:
> > From: Hugh Dierker <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx>
> > Date: 18 augusti 2007 12.23.50 EDT
> > To: avri@xxxxxxx
> > Subject: GA
> >
> > Dear Councilors,
> >
> > This letter is a formal request from the GNSO General Assembly for 
> > recognition of our List Rules and for a directive that we 
> be allowed 
> > to interface with those in control of the List in order to 
> implement 
> > our new rules.
> >
> > Our GA list will be more effective in contributing to the 
> business of 
> > the GNSO if we are allowed a modicum of self governance. Within the 
> > Rules we have provided for reasonable self organization and a 
> > disciplinary regimen.
> >
> > We are mindful of the differences which from time to time may exist 
> > between the GA and the existing structural members of 
> ICANN. It is by 
> > establishing procedures and restraints that we hope to change those 
> > differences into contributions.
> >
> > Please earnestly consider this request.
> >
> > Respectfully,
> > Eric Hugh Dierker
> > GA Chair
> >
> > http://www.geolang.com/draftGAListRules5.htm
> > or
> > http://www.geolang.com/draftGAListRules5.txt
> >
> >
> > Pinpoint customers who are looking for what you sell.

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