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Re: [council] Re: GNSO Council Agenda

Given that the Whois WG is already working past its deadline, I would like to make sure that we have a clear and explicit agreement on the go forward for this working group.

The GNSO Council has a history of working on unspecified timelines. We must be more diligent in setting an agenda that moves issues towards closure and not interminable debate.

Avri Doria wrote:

I mentioned as part of the last meetings action review that the number of things we had on the table might require an additional meeting or two. In addition to consideration and voting of contractual condition at tomorrow's meeting, we have consideration and voting of the New gTLD committee reporting at next month's meeting. Both of these issues leave little time for much of anything else during the same meeting.

We also have decisions to make before LA concerning Domain Tasting PDP, the IGO PDP, Response to Board on the IDN resolutions, Reserved names issue for existing TLDs and whois. Not to mention planing for the meeting and any other topics that might pop up.

In terms of the whois discussion for 23 aug, I was a bit ambiguous on what the activity would be. We need to to discuss the Whois WG report and to decide how we are going to proceed in terms of finalizing a set of recommendation to the Board. We will certainly not be voting on it just yet. I thought that the whois report on OPOC was sufficiently complex, and important, that we should devote most of one meeting to it. I think we may also need to spend some face to face time on the whois issue on Saturday before the LA meeting.

The first possibility for an additional meeting is 23 August. My question to the council at tomorrow's meeting is given the amount we have to get done before LA, can we schedule a meeting on 23 August to get a report, and then have a discussion on whois.


On 8 aug 2007, at 15.39, Ute Decker wrote:

Hi Avri,

Sorry if I have missed this, can you remind me what is behind this item on the agenda for tomorrow’s call? Where do I find more detail on the consideration of a meeting on 23 August?

Item 4: - review of WHOIS status and decision on how to proceed (20 min)

- include consideration of meeting on 23 August 2007 to consider WHOIS recommendation to board

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