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[council] Regarding timing for Board consideration of a GNSO policy recommendation

Hello Avri,

> as i understand the timing puzzle, there is:
> - public comment
> - staff processing
> before it actually gets to the board.

The bylaws state that the staff must submit the Board report to the
Board within 5 days after the Council meeting where a vote takes place
on the recommendations.

Before the Board will take action on the report it is required to do the

From: http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#AnnexA


1. With respect to any policies that are being considered by the Board
for adoption that substantially affect the operation of the Internet or
third parties, including the imposition of any fees or charges, ICANN

a. provide public notice on the Website explaining what policies are
being considered for adoption and why, at least twenty-one days (and if
practical, earlier) prior to any action by the Board; 

b. provide a reasonable opportunity for parties to comment on the
adoption of the proposed policies, to see the comments of others, and to
reply to those comments, prior to any action by the Board; and 

c. in those cases where the policy action affects public policy
concerns, to request the opinion of the Governmental Advisory Committee
and take duly into account any advice timely presented by the
Governmental Advisory Committee on its own initiative or at the Board's

2. Where both practically feasible and consistent with the relevant
policy development process, an in-person public forum shall also be held
for discussion of any proposed policies as described in Section 6(1)(b)
of this Article, prior to any final Board action.

3. After taking action on any policy subject to this Section, the Board
shall publish in the meeting minutes the reasons for any action taken,
the vote of each Director voting on the action, and the separate
statement of any Director desiring publication of such a statement.

Bruce Tonkin

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