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Re: [council] draft of this morning's slides

Chuck and Avri

Our intention is to have the Board Report to the Board in October not September but that we means we must complete in August to allow time for final drafting and the public comment period.

We need to finish by about 10 August so a stable Committee Final Report can be posted for public comment -- that document will remain static once it's posted.

We will then incorporate public comments in the Board Report in addition to input from other ACs and SOs -- the Board Report requires some different things than the Final Committee Report.

I've re-copied the dates here -- you'll see that there are other events that need to take place which mean that having the Report to the Board in October means we must be finished in mid-August.

...If we are to have a Board Report ready for consideration at the LA meeting then we, working backwards, need to:

1. Have the Board Report ready and in the General Counsel's hands 11 days prior to the 2 Nov Board meeting -- 22 October

2. Internal sign off and final check 14 days prior to preparation of Board Report -- 8 October

3. 20 day public comment period on GNSO Council Final Report -- allowing time for inclusion of results in the Final Report say 30 days -- 8 September public comment period needs to start. Public comments will be included in the Board Report.

4. Final Report will need to be with Council 7 days prior to the meeting to vote on it -- release 1 September (Part A, Part B, draft RFP, draft base contract and draft implementation plan) and Committee meeting 7 September

5. That means we need to complete the final negotiations of the Committee by, at the latest, 10 August to I can assemble all the information that is required.

The first 4 dates are fixed in either the bylaws or the board reporting guidelines.

I suggest that we schedule, after Thursday this week, 2 more Committee conference calls to wrap up last details. I suggest Thursday 5 and 12 July at 2pm Brussels time. I will also hold other dates -- 19 July and 27 July. I will need a period of time to complete the writing and release the Council Report without ongoing negotiation....



Liz Williams
Senior Policy Counselor
ICANN - Brussels
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On 28 Jun 2007, at 13:56, Avri Doria wrote:


as i understand the timing puzzle, there is:

- public comment
- staff processing

before it actually gets to the board.

so if we finish in September, they get it in October.

but Liz can correct me.

perhaps i should be more specific about what happens in the interval.



On 28 jun 2007, at 07.34, Gomes, Chuck wrote:


Isn't our intent to send the Dec05 PDP report to the Board in September,
at which time it will be distributed to the GAC and posted for public
comment.  It my opinion that is critical and think we should say
September instead of October with the anticipation of Board action at
the annual meeting. (Slide 6)  And I think we are trying to finsih by
August with Council action in September. It is very important that we
set good expectations.

The rest looks fine to me.

Chuck Gomes

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please let me know of any issues with these slides.
i am scheduled to report at around 9:45.
i will take another editing pass between 8:30 and 9:30.



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