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Re: [council] Vice Chair Position Statement

Dear All,

Please disregard my last email communication.  I was in a hurry running out
the door and meant only to send it to my secretary, to edit for clarity.  I
will resend the response once she has had a chance to edit it.

Thank you for your understanding.


On 21/06/07, Sophia B <sophiabekele@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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Dear Chuck,

Thank you for the efficient introduction and clarification of the Vice
Chair role.

Please allow me to make a brief statement of why Chuck is the right
candidate.  I have been elected on the GNSO council since 12/05 and as an
active participant on the council, I have listened Chuck's contributions
towards the critica issues that affect GNSO and thus ICANN. Given he is from
industry, I have found his input to the council most fair and his views

Mostly, I was able to see his leadership capabilities during the RN WG
meetings.  I belive I have communicated this to few others including Chuck.
It is the first since during my term that I saw issues and work delegated
and managed and reported in such a way that gets people involved
and alloctes a shared responsibility, not to put down Bruce's leadership,
which has its own qualities.  Chuck is very direct, organized in his thought
and work, and sincerely, would have voted for his style of leadership as the
Chair of GNSO as well, if Avri was not elected.

I think ICANN needs this type of leadership, that is open, transparent,
unbiased, organized, and able to handle highly sensitive issues with great
temperment and confidence ad in a fair and equitable manner.

Thank you Chuck for volenteering for this very important and busy task.

n 21/06/07, Gomes, Chuck <cgomes@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  As suggested by Glen, I am submitting this position statement in
> response to my nomination for GNSO Council Vice Chair.
> Let me start by saying that I fully understand that the role of vice
> chair is new to the Council and that it may not be continued in the future.
> As I see it, this is a trial that will be evaluated by the Council and
> as such the position may go away at the end of the current term recently
> vacated by Bruce and now filled by Avri.
> Until such time as the Council provides specific guidelines for the role
> of vice chair, I am assuming that it will entail these responsibilities,
> probably in the priority listed:
> 1.      Perform the role of chair when Avri is unable to do so
> 2.      At Avri's direction, assist her in fulfilling tasks that are
> often assumed by the chair, thereby lightening her workload
> 3.      At the Council's direction, perform other tasks as needed.
> With regard to filling the role of chair in Avri's absence, if and when
> that occurs, I am committed to doing so in a neutral manner that facilitates
> fully open and efficient debate on all issues regardless of my personal view
> points or the views of the Registry Constituency that I represent.   Whenever
> I express personal or constituency views I will always try to preface such
> remarks appropriately.
> Regarding assisting Avri and performing tasks requested by the Council,
> I am committed to being as helpful as I can in contributing to the work of
> the Council as needed.  Hopefully, this will not be any different from
> the way I have functioned as a Council member to date or as I would function
> in the future if I am not elected vice chair.
> For those who may not know me very well I think it is helpful for me to
> point out that I am a firm believer in open discussion of all points of
> view.  I like to try to identify competing elements of issues and enjoy
> others doing that as well.   I believe that the fuller airing we have,
> the better decisions we will make.  In doing that though, people
> sometimes think I am advocating for a particular position when I may in fact
> just be attempting to make sure we cover as many sides as possible.   Also,
> I like to use questions to encourage discussion and help uncover factors
> that might otherwise be overlooked.  I sincerely believe that
> disagreement is healthy because it helps each of us validate our own
> thinking and then work together to develop stronger positions.
> Whether I am elected vice chair or not, I would request the following:
> if anyone ever is unsure about the intent of my actions, please ask me, and
> always feel free to disagree with me.
> Chuck Gomes

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