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[council] Proposed Resolution for Consideration

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  • Subject: [council] Proposed Resolution for Consideration
  • From: Ross Rader <ross@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2006 11:21:56 -0500
  • Organization: Tucows Inc.
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Per Bruce's earlier request, here is a proposed resolution for discussion at the next council meeting. This may not be the right resolution, but given the interest in this topic on this list, I believe there is support for a discussion. As a result, I didn't attempt to "wordsmith" and "whereas" this too much, but the salient points of this motion are that;

a) there should be term limits for councillors
b) the term shall be limited to two consecutive terms
c) special circumstances do exist where term limits are not appropriate and these circumstances should be accomodated by our processes d) the Council should act immediately implement this recommendation at the Constituency and board level.

I would also note that the the Registrar constituency already abides by these practices and that I am nearing a term limit myself, so I don't believe that I have any special conflicts coming into play by backing a motion of this sort.


Proposed Resolution:

The recommendations of the LSE regarding term limits for GNSO Council members should be adopted immediately by the GNSO Council with no grandfathering except in connection with the ability of a council member to serve out their existing term. A council member can serve no more than two consecutive terms (regardless of duration). Moreover, a former council member must remain off the GNSO Council for one full term prior to serving any subsequent term. However, there shall be an exception to the two term limit in connection with special circumstances (I.e. Geographic diversity requirements) where a constituency is unable to find an alternative representative to serve. In applying this special circumstance exception, the existence of an otherwise qualified candidate willing to serve on the council within that constituency shall constitute a non-rebuttable indication that special circumstances do not exist. The GNSO Council will forward this recommendation to the ICANN Board of Directors for implementation in the bylaws and also recommend to the GNSO Constituencies that they voluntarily adopt these practices until such time that they have been formally implemented by the Council and Board.



Ross Rader
Director, Retail Services
Tucows Inc.

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