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TR: [council] ICANN Rome Schedule

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  • Subject: TR: [council] ICANN Rome Schedule
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  • Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 09:19:21 +0100
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Posted by the GNSO Secretariat on behalf of Michael D. Palage.

Michael D. Palage  mercredi 4 février 2004 09:07  Michael D. Palage wrote:


I feel your pain. ICANN should be posting a preliminary schedule shortly on
the website. However, I have been able to piece together the following tea
leaves  which are by no means definitive.

Monday - the Board Committee meetings are schedules - not aware of any other
public events.

Tuesday - Constituency meeting day

Wednesday - PDP Day and NC meeting

Thu - Afternoon public forum (no idea of specific topics yet)

Friday - Morning public forum (no idea of specific topics yet)

Saturday - Morning Board meeting

I know that is not a lot, but that is all I have. I will speak with Kurt to
see if he could speed up posting the agenda as I know this makes things
difficult for people to plan their schedules.

Regarding the spliting of the public session, I actually was a big supporter
of this idea for the following reason. Historically, ICANN has left some of
the more hot button topics until the end of the public forum sessions. When
this happens, time is short or people are running low on energy. The idea of
splitting the public forum session is so that all issues can have an
adequate amount of discussion with people fully attentive. You have to admit
4-6 PM in the afternoon of the public forum is difficult for almost everyone
to maintain 100% focus.

I agree that a WSIS briefing would be productive, however, I would submit
that this briefing should be given to the entire community not just the

Scheduled to speak with Alex on Thu, hopefully we can get an update from
ICANN at that time.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage

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[mailto:owner-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]On Behalf Of Grant Forsyth
Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 2:39 AM
To: 'Bruce Tonkin'; council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [council] ICANN Rome Schedule

Dear Bruce and fellow Councillors
It is now less than 4 weeks to the Rome ICANN meeting and I am unable to
find any schedule of meetings - even provisional - up on the web site or
distributed. While this has not stopped GNSO Constituencies and other
interested ICANN parties organising their meetings, is it concerning not to
be able to get a picture of how the 6 days are shaping up.

Furthermore, it has come to my notice that the staff and Board may be
contemplating holding an off-site private retreat for the Board and staff
that would come in the middle of the usual whole day Public Forum - the time
when the Board "officially" takes the time to listen to the community. If
this were to eventuate, then the Public Forum would likely be split between
the morning of Thursday 4th and the afternoon of Friday 5th. Such a move
would disrupt the Public Forum and certainly lead to significantly fewer
people staying around until the Friday afternoon to participate in the
deferred Public Forum conclusion.

Additionally, as you will know Marilyn Cade has been seeking to organise a
meeting with presentations on issues raised at the recent WSIS meeting.
Marilyn had hoped to be able to appraise the Council on these issues on our
last call but was unable to make the call. Organising this meeting in Rome
is proving to be impossible given the two problems noted above.

I would like to ask for the Council's support in:
1) having the staff publish a provisional schedule;
2) confirm to this council any thoughts of deferring the conclusion of the
Public Forum day and if this is a thought, to take immediate consultation on
the matter; and
3) scheduling of the WSIS meeting

I had planned to leave this to raise in AOB on the planned call in two days
time, but on the cancellation of that call, thought it best to raise on the
list. I suggest that if there is fellow Councillor support for my request,
that Glen engage the staff in responding to the two requests above.

Thank you for your consideration and hopefully, support of these matters.

Grant Forsyth
Manager Industry & Regulatory Affairs
Cnr Taharoto & Northcote Roads
Private Bag 92143
ph +64 9 912 5759
fx + 64 9 912 4077
Mb 029 912 5759 - NOTE NEW Mobile Number

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