Commercial Business Users

Last Updated: 28 October 2020

Background & Mission Statement

The Business Constituency represents commercial users of the Internet. The Business Constituency is one of the Constituencies within the Commercial Stakeholder Group (CSG) referred to in Article X.5 of the ICANN bylaws. The Constituency's administrative structure is an elected Executive Committee supported by professional secretariat services and other standing or ad-hoc committees.

The mission of the Business Constituency is to ensure that ICANN policy positions are consistent with the development of an Internet that:

  • promotes end-user confidence because it is a safe place to conduct business
  • is competitive in the supply of registry and registrar and related services
  • is technically stable, secure and reliable.


Executive Committee

Claudia Selli

BC Chair - Claudia Selli (SOI)

Steve Del Bianco

Vice Chair Policy Coordination – Steve Del Bianco (SOI)

Jimson Olufuye

Vice Chair Finance & Operations – Jimson Olufuye (SOI)

Barbara Wanner

CSG Representative - Barbara Wanner (SOI) BC

Mark Datysgeld

GNSO Councilor – Mark Datysgeld (SOI) – Latin AC/ October 2020 – AGM 2022

Marie Pattullo

GNSO Councilor – Marie Pattullo (SOI) – Europe / AGM 2021



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