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RE: [council] RE: [whois-sc] ISPCP View on Task ForceDiscussion

  • To: <metalitz@xxxxxxxx>, <tom@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [council] RE: [whois-sc] ISPCP View on Task ForceDiscussion
  • From: "Milton Mueller" <Mueller@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 15:35:05 -0400
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Apologies to Steve for getting my mailing lists mixed up again.
I have been confusing the Whois Steering Committee list 
and the Council list, for some odd reason.

I would guess from Steve's message below that he is unfamiliar
with the 19 February 2003 Final Report of the GNSO Council's
Whois Task Force, which adopted new poliies re: Accuracy. 

One could hardly say that GNSO has deferred "any 
consideration" of accuracy issues. It has already adopted 
new policies to strengthen accuracy. What it did defer was
the privacy and data collection issues. 

>>> Steve Metalitz <metalitz@xxxxxxxx> 10/21/03 01:26PM >>>
I did not see Milton's message until Thomas replied to it (indeed Milton's
message does not appear on the Whois S/G list archives either) but I must
register an objection to the proposal to further delay ANY consideration of
the accuracy issue (one of the consensus top 5) until after completion of
work on a number of complex issues that were not considered a priority by
more than one or at most two constituencies.  

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