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Re: [whois-sc] DRAFT 4 of Task force 2

I would like to examine the concept that thus far much of the focus has
been on the data elements collected about the Registrant of a domain name,
and the various implications of; and that if we are to seriously consider
reducing or adding data elements we should look at the possibility of
adding data-elements specific to the DOMAIN being registered.

By adding some useful data-elements germane to the domain itself, several
issues regarding stability and contactability may be mitigated which also
could extend to some privacy issues.

If so, then

b) What changes, if any, should be made in the data elements about registrants
*and their domains* must be collected at the time of registration to
maintain adequate contact-ability?

2. Conduct an analysis of the existing uses of the registrant data elements
currently captured as part of the domain name registration process.
Develop list of optimal required elements for contact-ability.
The intent is to determine whether all of the data elements now collected are
necessary for current and foreseeable needs of the community, *develop
a list of possible new data-elements to be collected to improve contactability,
and contribute to stability;* and how the data may be acquired with the
greatest accuracy, least cost, and in compliance with applicable privacy,
security, and stability considerations.

Sorry, no redline, on a linux box right now...


Mark Jeftovic <markjr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Co-founder, easyDNS Technologies Inc.
ph. +1-(416)-535-8672 ext 225
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