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Re: [tf2-sg2] Whois chart with CC data

Hi Steve:

First, for the gTLDs, this chart basically shows what the registry
agreements with ICANN require to be published (with some discrepancies
notied under "remarks"). Is that what is being summarized with regard to
the ccTLDs? Or is this more precisely a description of what Whois data is
actually displayed? If so, the chart seems to mix apples and oranges, which
perhaps should be noted.

For the ccTLDs listed, most do not have ICANN agreements, so this is an attempt to summarize what they actually gather and display. I will note the distinction in text in the summary document.

Second, when my colleague Ryan Lehning ran a few Whois searches on some of
these ccTLDs, his results varied somewhat from what you have reported. (See
text below) Can you explain how your data was gathered? Of course the
results Ryan obtained could be anomalous but I thought I would bring these
discrepancies to your attention.

Ryan points to a couple of errors in my summary--I had flip-flopped domain name and status in .pl. In other cases, there is simply a question of terminology (registrar versus "agent" in .uk, "modified" versus "updated", "registrant" versus "holder", etc.) Finally, he gets confused by the fact that I persistently mixed up the symbols for "optional" and "required but not implemented".

I think the discrepancies should all be resolved in the attached, revised chart.


Attachment: Whois Elements
Description: Binary data

Steve Metalitz

.uk: Jordyn indicate that that name of the registrar element is provided,
but in searching "amazon.co.uk" that element was not indicated. Jordyn also
stated that registrant address is required by the registration contract, but
not implemented. In my search, the registrant address was returned.
Nominet's registration agreement is not entirely clear about what data
elements will be made publicly available. See Sec. 6 at
http://www.nic.uk/ReferenceDocuments/TermsAndConditions/ TermsAndConditions.h

.de: Denic's terms & conditions do not clearly state what data elements will
be made publicly available. In doing a search for "coke.de," I came up with
the following differences from what Jordyn indicates. Jordyn states that
domain status is returned, I did not return this element. I returned domain
name as an element, while Jordyn did not. Jordyn states that registrant
name is required by the "contract" (registration agreement?) but not
implemented, as noted above, I did not find this element in the Denic T&Cs.
The same is true of technical contact name, admin contact name, and admin
phone, fax, and email. I was able to return phone, fax, and email for the
tech contact while Jordyn indicated that they were required by the contract
but not implemented.

.pl: I could not locate any contract or registration agreement for the .pl
registry, following the website www.nic.pl. I did discover the following
differences with Jordyn's chart using completewhois.com for a search of
amazon.pl. Jordyn indicates that last updated date is a data element
returned while I saw only a last modified date. Jordyn indicates that
registrant name is returned, while I only saw a registrant "handle." Jordyn
also states that registrant organization and address are required by the
contract but not implemented. I returned the registrant's address.

-----Original Message----- From: Jordyn A. Buchanan [mailto:jordyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] Sent: Friday, April 09, 2004 3:54 PM To: tf2-sg2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: [tf2-sg2] Whois chart with CC data

As you can see, I've added some ccTLD data. I'm also consolidating our work
and sending it to consolidation team.


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