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RE: [registrars] ICANN Board Meeting - 8-Nov-2005

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 09:43:44 -0800
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I agree with Ross. I would also like to understand what is going on with
.xxx and the other proposed TLD's.

Dotster, Inc.

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What happened to .xxx? I'm surprised its not included as an agenda item.

Michael D. Palage wrote:
> Dear Registrars:
> Please be advised that the ICANN Board is scheduled to have a
> teleconference on 8-Nov-2005. The agenda is listed below and also been
> posted online in accordance with the bylaws at
> http://www.icann.org/minutes/.
>     *  Consideration of .ASIA sTLD Application
>     * Review and Consideration of Policy Development Process Results and
> Public Comments for "Procedure for use by ICANN in considering requests
> for consent and related contractual amendments to allow changes in the
> architecture or operation of a gTLD registry"
>     * Board Governance Committee's Recommendation for the Creation of a
> new Board Compensation Committee
>     * Briefing Regarding Certain Fiscal Year 2005-2006 Budget Items
>     * Authorization to Bind Professional Liability Insurance Proposal
>     * Redelegation of .GS (South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands)
>     * Approval of Legal Expenses
>     * Single Letter 2d Level Domain Name Discussion
>     * Authorization to Enter into Addendum to Marina del Rey Sublease
>     * Proposed ICANN Bylaws Changes on Interim ALAC's Certification of
> At-Large Structures
>     * Proposed Guidelines for Implementation of IDN's, v.2.0
>     * Approval of Board of Director's Expenses
>     * Other Business
> Should anyone have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to
> contact me.
> Best regards,
> Michael D. Palage

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