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[registrars] Registrants of remote resellers who don't know who the Accredited Registrar is.

  • To: Registrars Constituency <registrars@xxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [registrars] Registrants of remote resellers who don't know who the Accredited Registrar is.
  • From: "Robert F. Connelly" <BobC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 18:54:53 -0800
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At 06:15 AM 1/19/05, Tim Ruiz wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite="">Furthermore, presenting anything
to the registrant during the<br>
registration process is an entirely new obligation that would require
many registrars to completely re-establish their method of
<font color="#FF0000">For wholesale registrars,</font> this represents a
highly onerous burden. </blockquote><br>
Dear Tim:<br><br>
I will endorse your proposals.&nbsp; It is my strong opinion that the
existence of registrars of unfettered and uncontrolled resellers are at
the root of many of the problems attributed to our industry.&nbsp;
Part of the CoC was to require resellers to clearly show the actual name
of the ICANN Accredited Registrar under whom the reseller
registers.&nbsp; I'm willing to bet that there are resellers of resellers
who don't have any idea of who the responsible Accredited registrar
I have changed the Subject line of this response.&nbsp; The original was
as follows:<br><br>
RE: [registrars] RE: Call for Constituency statements on Whois tf 1/2
I know my opinions will not fall pleasantly on some of your
</i></b>Respectfully submitted,<br>
Bob Connelly<br><br>

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