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[registrars] Transfer Policy Review

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  • Subject: [registrars] Transfer Policy Review
  • From: "Ross Wm. Rader" <ross@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 23:33:50 -0500
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ICANN has commenced the collection of comments for the purpose of conducting a review and analysis of the recently implemented Inter-registrar Transfer Policy.

The resultant analysis by ICANN staff will be brought to the GNSO Council for its consideration per the policy[1].

I urge each of you to provide ICANN with your comments and observations to ensure that appropriate adjustments are made to the policy by the GNSO Council.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,


[1] 28. That the implementation and execution of these recommendations be monitored by the DNSO. Specifically that;

a. ICANN Staff analyse and report to the Names Council at three, six and twelve month intervals after implementation with the goal of determining;

i. How effectively and to what extent the policies have been implemented and adopted by Registrars, Registries and Registrants,

ii. Whether or not modifications to these policies should be considered by the DNSO as a result of the experiences gained during the implementation and monitoring stages,

iii. The effectiveness of the dispute resolution processes and a summary of the filings that have been resolved through the process.

b. Pursuant to which, the Names Council may instruct the staff to;

i. Continue bi-annual reviews in a manner consistent with the aforementioned requirements, or;

ii. Report again to the Names Council in an additional twelve month time frame.

c. The purpose of these monitoring and reporting requirements are to allow the Names Council to determine when, if ever, these recommendations and any ensuing policy require additional clarification or attention based on the results of the reports prepared by ICANN Staff.



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