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Re: [registrars] Regarding reselling of valuable deleted domain names in a secondary market

Nevett, Jonathon wrote:

Our position is that if the GNSO wants to adopt the resolution
authorizing an issues report, the focus of the study should be on the
"slamming" the registries issue and "daughter registrar" issue that the
Business Constituency (BC) has raised as problems below.  It should not
encompass individual registrar business practices - products and
services provided to their customers prior to deletion.  The
post-deletion contention issue and explosion in new registrars are the
only related issues that address the concerns raised in the BC draft
resolution (i.e. "impacts stability" or causes "unforeseen strains on
the ability of registries and registrars to manage their business
efficiently.").  This is the same approach ICANN and the RC took with
the Workshop on Re-registration of Deleted Domain Names held in Cape
Town. I've copied the workshop overview below.

Jon -

I agree that this exercise should not encompass business models, products, services, etc. but I'm wary of looking at this as solely a "contention" issue.

In my opinion (obDisclaimer:as a registrar, not as a constituency council rep.) the council should be looking at the policy failures that lead to the negative dynamic. Further, it would also be helpful to understand why the experimental and proposed solutions we've seen over the past four years have failed to produce the result that registrars have been looking for.



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