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Re: [registrars] Regarding reselling of valuable deleted domain names in a secondary market

  • To: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [registrars] Regarding reselling of valuable deleted domain names in a secondary market
  • From: "Marcus Faure" <faure@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 10:04:12 +0100 (CET)
  • Cc: registrars@xxxxxxxx
  • In-reply-to: <57AD40AED823A7439D25CD09604BFB54A5E724@balius.mit> from Bruce Tonkin at "Jan 6, 2005 12:49:29 pm"
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just a remark:
the investigators should take the existing "market solutions" into account
and study their respective conditions, e.g. changed registration agreements.
The whole thing can fall apart if ICANN demands a unified registration


>  Hello All,
> Please note that the business constituency has tabled the following
> motion for the GNSO Council meeting on 13 Jan 2005.
> I welcome any feedback/comments from members of the constituency.
> Regards,
> Bruce Tonkin
> Registrars rep on the GNSO Council
> ________________________________
> From: Philip Sheppard [mailto:philip.sheppard@xxxxxx] 
> Sent: Thursday, 6 January 2005 12:49 AM
> To: Bruce Tonkin
> Cc: council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Draft Agenda for Council meeting Thursday 13 January 2005
> Bruce, would you be kind enough to table this resolution for the 13
> January Council meeting on behalf of the BC? 
> Issue - Re-selling of valuable deleted domain names in a secondary
> market 
> The typical model for selling deleted TLDs is first-come first-served
> and this works well for ordinary names where the profit to registries
> and registrars is small and similar.  But it does not work for special
> names where the domain name equity is much higher, either because the
> name has perceived value, or there is a desirable level of associated
> traffic with the name. A secondary market has grown up to remarket the
> names. Some names are bought for speculative resell; others because they
> have traffic still active and are resold to redirect the traffic to
> other, sometimes undesirable, sites. This market has created a new
> business opportunity for registrars and a problem for the registries.
> Certain registrars are "slaming" the registries with automated requests
> for desirable names. Because the present system provides equal access to
> all registrars, some registrars have created new ICANN accredited
> daughter registrars whose sole purpose is to request deleted names -
> thus increasing the chance for the parent registrar to get desirable
> names.  This massive set of requests is affecting the ability of the
> registrars to manage their existing bona fide business efficiently. This
> impacts on stability. The implication of these new types of ICANN
> accredited registrars needs to be assessed.
> Proposal 
> Council needs to investigate the issue fully and so should consider the
> need for a PDP with a request for ICANN staff to write an issues report.
> Draft resolution 
> Whereas the re-selling of certain deleted or expiring names has lead to
> unforeseen strains on the ability of registries and registrars to manage
> their business efficiently,
> Whereas this affects the service level provided to users and the meaning
> of ICANN accredited as it applies to registrars,
> Council resolves, 
> to request the ICANN staff manager to write an issues report (as
> specified in annex A to the ICANN by-laws) on the "Re-selling of
> valuable deleted/expiring domain names in a secondary market", so that
> Council can subsequently decide if a policy development process would be
> appropriate.
> Many thanks 
> Philip 
> PS I am open to friendly amendments to improve the wording of the
> resolution should this help clarity. 

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