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Re: [registrars] [Fwd: Meeting Schedule for the Transfer Assistance Group]

On 8/18/2003 2:43 PM Elana Broitman noted that:

a formal process would have slowed things down. I assure you that ExCom did not "direct" ICANN's choices and I believe ICANN made them on a very reasonable basis.

I do not believe for a second that the ICANN staff made any "choices" of relevance to this discussion. The staff simply responded to the names that were given to them by the Registry, Registrar, ALAC and Transfers Task Force in response to the message of July 14th - over a month ago - sent out by the staff requesting that the chair of each of these groups provide the staff with one or two names of people that could represent each particular group in this activity.

My problem lies not with the ICANN staff, but with the manner in which our constituency responded to the staff request. Each of Jeff Neuman, Marilyn Cade, Denise Michel and yourself received a message soliciting assistance from the groups that you represent. Our constituency was *not* afforded an opportunity to provide input into this process. Instead, two people were simply put forward.

> Ross - were you asked to join as a rep. from the registrars or are you > representing another constituency or group?

My name was put forward by the chair of the transfers task force, along with Grant Forsyth, as a delegate from *that* group. I accepted on that basis.

Who put your name forward? How were you selected? Why are we only finding out about the selection process now, by happenstance? Why didn't we run an election *as required by our bylaws* for these two spots 4 weeks ago when we had the chance?



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