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[registrars] [Fwd: Meeting Schedule for the Transfer Assistance Group]

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  • Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 13:56:05 -0400
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Registrars - please let one of the committee members know if you have any feedback regarding the below.

ExComm - I am still waiting for answers to my request regarding the selection of the registrar representatives to this committee.

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Subject: Meeting Schedule for the Transfer Assistance Group
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 10:28:39 -0700
From: Tina Dam <dam@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <Jeff.Neuman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, "'Charles A Gomes'" <cgomes@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, <'bruce.tonkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'>, "'Ross Rader'" <rrader@xxxxxxxxxx>, <'ebroitman@xxxxxxxxxxxx'>, <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <'roessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'>, <'grant.forsyth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'>, <sricciardi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> CC: Dan Halloran <halloran@xxxxxxxxx>, Karen Lentz <lentz@xxxxxxxxx>, Ellen Sondheim <sondheim@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear All,
almost everyone have responded (and positively) to the invitation below so
you can consider the TAG as almost formed.

Please note that Sebastian Ricciardi have been added to the member list as
in consultation with the Chair of ALAC (one of the groups that was consulted
in forming the TAG). Sebastian, welcome to TAG.

Thanks for the quick responses and for accepting to assist with the final
step in the Transfer Policy Process.

This email is to call for the two meetings currently scheduled as follows
below. As you know the time difference between us makes it difficult to find
a good time for everyone, but I hope you will all be able to participate!
Also please keep in mind that most of the work involved is expected to take
place through email, so if you are unable to attend due to the very early or
very late time, please feel free to send comments etc per email.

First Meeting

The first meeting will be a teleconference and will be held at Friday August
22, 9pm UTC, which corresponds to:

Friday August 22, 10pm London
Friday August 22, 6pm Argentina
Friday August 22, 2pm Pacific
Saturday August 23, 7am Sydney

The agenda of this meeting is to go through the attached draft document. The
document contain the 29 policy recommendations as well as a suggestion to
where these should be implemented. Please remember that the attached is a
first draft and merely a first suggestion. Also please remember that you are
not charged with undertaking any outreach or consensus development, hence
there will be no discussions on the subject of the form of the policies.

I know it is a  close call and does not give you much time to prepare, so
please let me know as soon as possible if you can attend this meeting, and
also please provide me with a number that I can use to conference you into
the call. If anyone should feel like commenting to the document before the
meeting, please feel free to do so, I'll be available to make a new draft an
circulate before the meeting.

Second Meeting

The second meeting is to be held in Marina Del Rey, in connection with the
Registry and Registrar Constituency meetings. I would like, at this point in
time to suggest Thursday, September 11, 2003 at 2pm in the ICANN offices.
Those of you that will not be attending the meeting in person will naturally
be able to participate by phone.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you have any knowledge of whether
this time is overlapping with any already scheduled meetings, as well is
whether you are able to attend at this time.


As always, comments are very much appreciated.

Kind regards


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From: Tina Dam [mailto:dam@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 12:59 PM
To: (Jeff.Neuman@xxxxxxxxxxxx); Charles A Gomes (cgomes@xxxxxxxxxxxx);
'bruce.tonkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; Ross Rader (rrader@xxxxxxxxxx);
'ebroitman@xxxxxxxxxxxx'; 'Paul Westley'; 'roessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
Subject: Invitation to join the Transfer Assistance Group

Dear All,
ICANN Staff is currently forming the Transfer Assistance Group (TAG) to
assist with the implementation of the Transfer Policies. Accordingly ICANN
staff would like to invite you to participate in this group.

The TAG is being formed as ICANN staff is in the process of implementing the
29 consensus policy recommendations from the report of the GNSO Council's
Transfer Task Force, and as approved by the ICANN Board. The final report
can be found at http://www.icann.org/gnso/transfers-tf/report-12feb03.htm.

The members of the Transfers Assistance Group should expect to assist in the
implementation of the 29 policies as approved by the Board. I would like to
specifically note that the effort of the TAG is not the place for re-arguing
decisions already made, nor is it an advocacy platform at all; it is
intended to be a way to assist ICANN Staff in the implementation of the
policies already approved by the Board, and hence to help in making the
process of implementing these policies more effective. The TAG members are
naturally free to take any positions on any subjects, including this one, in
other fora, but this group is intended specifically to help the ICANN Staff
to flesh out the Transfer Policies, and nothing more.

The TAG group is not intended to be a vehicle for determining or recording
community-wide consensus.  It will consist of a sufficiently diverse set of
people that will reflect a broad range of potential views, but what is
sought here is the personal assistance of particular people in helping the
ICANN Staff to implement the transfer policies in registry contracts,
registrar contracts and elsewhere as appropriate.

So, just to make this point clear, this group is not charged with
undertaking any outreach or consensus development itself; its only charge is
to provide, from its members as a group, input and assistance to ICANN

The first meeting of the TAG will be a teleconference and is scheduled for
August 25, 2003. The second meeting will be held in person for those
individuals that can attend, and is planned for September 11, 2003 in
connection with the registrar and registry constituency meetings in Marina
Del Rey, California. Specific agenda as well as dial-in information for the
first meeting will be provided as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to your reply to this invitation and would like to
specify that ICANN Staff would very much appreciate your participation, due
to the tremendous work you already have performed in connection with the
development of the Transfer Policies.

Also if you have any questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate
to give me a call anytime.

Best regards,

Tina Dam

Chief gTLD Registry Liaison

Office: +1-310-301-5838
Cell:   +1-310-862-2026

MSN: tam200x@xxxxxxxxxxx



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