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RE: [registrars] Marina del Rey Registrar Meeting - September 12

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  • Subject: RE: [registrars] Marina del Rey Registrar Meeting - September 12
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  • Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 15:20:09 -0500
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Can a summary of the "Briefing on proposed interim solution to Port 43"
be posted to the list within the next week or so?

Also, may issues that we want to bring before the Registry
representatives be presented here on the list prior to the meeting? I
won't be able to attend but have at least one issue I'd like to raise
that I have not heard much discussion on before.


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Subject: RE: [registrars] Marina del Rey Registrar Meeting - September

Thank you for the clarification.  Let me resend the meeting
announcement, clarified!  Also, I've taken off any meetings that are not
part of the formal agenda, again for clarification.

While we would encourage everyone to attend the next official ICANN
meeting in Carthage, Tunisia on October 27-31, 2003, we have heard from
many registrars that they are unlikely to attend.  
In order to support registrar participation and foster dynamic
discussion of issues, the Constituency has voted to hold an interim
informal meeting on Friday, September 12th.  No decisions would be made
at this interim meeting, so anyone unable to make it should not feel
disadvantaged. Moreover, we will endeavor to set up telecommunication
Prior to the Constituency meeting - on September 11th, (a) registrars
and registries (providers) participating in the ICANN Transfers
Assistance Group and 
(b) the GNSO Council Whois group will try to schedule meetings on those
issues.  These are not constituency meetings, but the constituency will
be updated on those issues on the 12th.  
Additionally, some of the registries may offer to hold marketing
presentations for registrars on the 11th.  We would encourage people to
arrive on the 11th, so we will plan a social function as well.
The venue will be the Marriott in Marina del Rey.  We are securing
special rates of $144/night and will provide contact details shortly.
Please let us know if you are attending by emailing the ExCom (cc'd

The meeting would be conducted in interactive workshop-style sessions
where appropriate, with guest expert speakers invited for some of the
topics. We will coordinate with the registry constituency, and hold a
joint meeting for half of the day, and a separate constituency meeting
for the other half.  

The initial proposed agenda is below. Please send us any additional
agenda item requests by August 15th.  Anyone proposing to speak should
provide a presentation with a summary of no longer than 1 page 
by September 8.
* Registrar Constituency cocktails and/or dinner,  Time and Place TBD
8:30-12:30 Joint Meeting with the Registries
* EPP - update on transition to EPP by all of the registries
      Briefing by the registries - Registry Representative
      Issues that may be faced by registrars - Registrar Representative
      Next Steps and Question/Debate Session
* Transfers - update on implementation of new policy
      Short Overview of implementation steps by ICANN
      Presentation by representative of each constituency to advisory
      Next Steps and Question/Debate Session
* Whois - update on work of the privacy steering group
      Briefing on GNSO Council process - Representative of the steering
      Briefing by ICANN on GAC role, initiatives and policies
      Briefing on CRISP
      Briefing on proposed interim solution to Port 43  
      Next Steps and Question/Debate Session
* New TLDs - update on ICANN process for choosing new TLDs
      Short Overview of next steps by ICANN
      Briefing by the registries regarding ISP compatibility
      Next Steps and Question/Debate Session
12:30-2:30 Working Lunch with Registries to address specific topics
* WLS - update on service by VeriSign registry

* IDN - update on service to be offered in com/net/org/info

2:30-5:30 Registrar Constituency Meeting
* Meeting with ICANN staff - Paul Twomey, Dan Halloran, Ellen Sondheim
(as available)

* Fraudulent credit card charge backs - risk sharing with the registries

* Registrar Constituency budget - review and discussion

* Registrar review of topics covered during joint meeting
Elana Broitman

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From: Michael D. Palage [mailto:michael@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 3:02 PM
To: ross@xxxxxxxxxx; Elana Broitman
Cc: Registrars; Registrars Executive Committee
Subject: RE: [registrars] Marina del Rey Registrar Meeting - September


This is the group that ICANN is setting up to assist in the
of the transfer recommendations. I believe Elana may have accidentially
mislabeled it. It should be titled "Transfers Assistance Group". Please
refer to Paul's testimony before the Senate where he made reference to
it. I
believe I had provided you some documentation on this group while you
on vacation.


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> To: Elana Broitman
> Cc: Registrars; Registrars Executive Committee
> Subject: Re: [registrars] Marina del Rey Registrar Meeting - September
> 12
> > the ICANN advisory group on
> > transfers
> I'm assuming that this isn't the task force or an implementation
> committee, but something else?
> --
>                         -rwr

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