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RE: [registrars] Ballot Procedure Discussion

  • To: wessorh@xxxxxx
  • Subject: RE: [registrars] Ballot Procedure Discussion
  • From: Tim Ruiz <tim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 05:16:39 -0700
  • Cc: rconnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, registrars@xxxxxxxx, michael@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Reply-to: Tim Ruiz <tim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Rick, <br>
I agree with you. Perhaps it would just be best if during the voting period the ExCom's only communication on the subject of the vote with members be through email to the list. I personally don't care if the ExCom, or any other member,&nbsp;"peeks" at the results as long as they don't use the info to keep campaigning during the voting period. This is the&nbsp;main reason I am likely to support keeping the details hidden until after the vote.<BR><BR>Tim<br>
<BLOCKQUOTE style="PADDING-LEFT: 8px; MARGIN-LEFT: 8px; BORDER-LEFT: blue 2px solid"><BR>-------- Original Message --------<BR>Subject: Re: [registrars] Ballot Procedure Discussion<BR>From: "Rick Wesson" &lt;wessorh@xxxxxx&gt;<BR>Date: Mon, July 14, 2003 4:54 pm<BR>To: "Michael D. Palage" &lt;michael@xxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>Cc: "Robert F. Connelly" &lt;rconnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;, "Registrar<BR>Constituency" &lt;registrars@xxxxxxxx&gt;<BR><BR>Mike,<BR><BR><BR>&gt; It is possible with the Boardroom account to create multiple accounts. I<BR>&gt; would recommend creating a Superuser Admin Account that the entire ExCom<BR>&gt; would have access to - same user ID &amp; Password. This superuser account would<BR>&gt; then be used to create/initiate the ballot. The Boardroom account also has a<BR>&gt; feature to track user activity and is available to all administrator<BR>&gt; accounts which I think all ExCom should have. With this feature the ExCom<BR>&gt; could track user activity to see!
 if the SuperUser account was ever accessed<BR>&gt; during the pendancy of the vote. Thus there is a built in safety mechanism<BR>&gt; to prevent the ExCom from peeking in on the results during the voting<BR>&gt; process. Rick could you please verify the functionality of the software.<BR><BR>the process you propose doesn't exist in boardrooms.org. Activity/logins<BR>are not tracked. Changes to ballots and votes are tracked and are<BR>prominately noted and may not be removed etc.<BR><BR>I must say with this amount of distrust of the excom I see little value in<BR>preforming this volenteer position. If we can't be trusted we shouldn't be<BR>in office.<BR><BR>-rick </BLOCKQUOTE>

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