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Re: [ga] China confirms alternate root for TLDs

Karl and all former DNSO GA members or other interested stakeholders/users,

Exactly right and a very distinct point Vini, and his media misreporters
have failed to correctly report on and/or about.  But thankfully more
accurate and responsible media providers are doing so in a more
in depth manner...

Karl Auerbach wrote:

> On Wed, 8 Mar 2006, Hugh Dierker wrote:
> > You did not address whether or not this can "hurt" the "net" as the
> > rest of us use it.
> > I am having trouble finding the harm. I rely on experts like yourself
> > to break it down and tell me why it is bad.
> Despite the shrill noises emitted by Stuart Lynn's ICP3 there is no
> technical harm caused by competing roots.
> There are old versions of bind that wrongly accept "additional"
> information that may get them confused if they come across a name server
> that honors a different group of root servers and provides a set of root
> NS records in a response.  But hopefully that version of bind is on its
> deathbed, or dead, by now.  Newer code is more immune.
> As for user-level harm - Here in the USA a few decades ago the telephones
> only had 0...9 on the rotary dial.  But with the advent of touchpads we
> got # and *, which enabled a whole slew of new services.  Of course those
> who wouldn't give up their rotary dial phones had a hard time.  The same
> is true with new TLDs found in competing roots - there will be some pain
> felt by those who chose to live in a few-TLD world, but that will be their
> choice.
> There will also be some pain because some roots will have tlds .com, .net
> ... .ewe .foo .blap while others will have .com .net ... .ewe .quack .bark
> In other words there will be different boutique TLDs available through
> different roots.  Well, that's life as the boutiques try to earn their
> place in the sun and grow for acceptance by all root operators.  It's
> called "marketing" and "building a brand".
> The key element is not competing roots, or even imperfect intersecting
> of sets of TLDs offered by different roots, rather it is consistency: .com
> ought to have the same contents no matter who offers it, .ewe ought to
> have the same contents no matter who offers it.
> And that is where trademark law becomes our friend - trademark law is
> designed for exactly this purpose, to let consumers have a means to
> distinguish and identify goods and services (TLDs).  To do this we allow
> trademark (TLD owners) to duke it out to find out who has the right to
> label their goods and services with a particular mark.  That process is
> well established in law; we don't need a body of internet governance to do
> it.
>                 --karl--

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