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[ga] Re: [A2k] OECD and DRM (in Washington Internet Daily)

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  • From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 01:28:32 -0800
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Manon and all,

Interesting take or possition/statement from FCC Comr. Copps whom
must not be aware of the latest version of the ICANN - Verisign

Manon Ress wrote:

> OECD Meeting in Rome
> Govt. Shouldn't Pick Digital Content Winners, Losers, Speakers Say
> ROME -- Govts. should only monitor the digital content market and not
> try ad hoc or advance regulation, said several industry speakers at
> an international conference on "The Future of Digital Content"
> organized by the Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development
> (OECD) and the Italian Ministry of Innovation & Technology.  The OECD
> has published in-depth studies on the mobile content, games, music
> and  scientific publishing markets.  Next in line is a study about
> the digital film market.
> FCC Comr. Copps, like business representatives, said:  "The role of
> government is not to pick winners and losers." Govt. is poorly
> equipped to do that, he said, but much better at erasing barriers to
> competition.  Speakers also said transparency of regulation would
> help, and consumers would reap the benefits of a competitive market.
> Copps also said it was important to "protect the dynamic character of
> the Internet, where people can express themselves freely."  A 2nd
> role of govt. is to ensure that advanced technology reaches all
> citizens, including those in remote areas and without large income,
> he said.
> Govt. intervention in standardization also should be limited,
> speakers said.  Patents on important standards are a big challenge,
> according to Donald Whiteside, Intel vp-corporate strategy.
> Whiteside said it's up to those involved in standards to talk about
> rules to announce IP claims early in standardization processes -- but
> compulsory licenses and requirements that core standards should be
> free should be rejected.  If EU govts. wants to actively promote
> digital content, the system of copyright levies should be reformed to
> encourage development of digital rights management (DRM)systems.
> But DRM is a contentious issue.  Consumer rights groups like the
> Consumer Project for Technology (CPT) and the Electronic Frontier
> Foundation, both invited to speak at the conference, warned of what
> they see as lock-in effects of DRM.  CPT Dir. Jamie Love said:
> "Before a technical protection management or digital rights
> management is protected by law against circumvention, it should seek
> approval."  Love also urgently backed an Access to Knowledge Treaty
> to balance the interests of users and rightsholders given the fact
> that rightsholders were pushing for more protection.
> The OECD also asked for caution with DRM.  The OECD recommendations
> are that regulatory frameworks should balance the interests of
> suppliers and users in areas such as the protection of intellectual
> property rights -- a demand that was highlighted here by Lucio
> Stanca, Italy's Minister of Innovation & Technology.  Stanca urged
> lowering the cost of protection of content because the number of
> consumers is so much bigger in the digital world.  He also urged
> avoiding tackling issues locally that should only be tackled
> internationally.
> Eli Noam, dir. of Columbia U.?s Institute of Tele-Information,
> outlined possible futures for the digital content market.  One is
> "let a million flowers bloom," with major and independent content
> producers.  The other is "a billion flowers blooming":  Consumers
> will produce content themselves, as has started with blogging and
> podcasting.  On the other hand there could only 10 or 100 flowers,
> meaning the majors from Microsoft to Google and Yahoo, said Noam.
> That would deeply affect culture and politics, he said. -- Monika Ermert
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