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Re: [ga] questions about history

At 06:56 29/01/2006, kidsearch wrote:
I was at a website the other day that claimed they have 15 years experience in website design. It brought up a couple of questions I know some of you can answer.

What was the first domain name ever registered?


If you consider the first registry/registrant/subhost sequence it was "gerfordsales" in 1978 - probably august. Format was registry's root name (germany), registrant (ford), subhost(sales)

If you consider the first doted name, it was when all the names were added ".arpa". 1983.

The first time "arpa", "com", "net", and ccTLDs were externally tested was mid-1984. I do not recall the date. But probably may/june.

What is the oldest website on the Internet or what was the first website?

You should ask W3C people.

What year did arpanet become internet?

Internet was the ARPANET Internet, following Louis Pouzin's doctrine. The word was first used in IEEE document in 1974 and discussed end of 1973 as an interneting project.

I have no indication when the reference to ARPANET disapeared. Probably on Jan. 1st, 1983 when the network swicthed to TCP/IP. This is the official date for the birth of Internet.


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