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[ga] Re: [Politech] In China, Google censors more than just politics: beer, dating, joke, gay sites too [fs]

  • To: Declan McCullagh <declan@xxxxxxxx>, General Assembly of the DNSO <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [ga] Re: [Politech] In China, Google censors more than just politics: beer, dating, joke, gay sites too [fs]
  • From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 00:49:54 -0800
  • Cc: icann board address <icann-board@xxxxxxxxx>, "vinton g. cerf" <vint@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Organization: INEGroup Spokesman
  • References: <43D94C69.8060200@well.com>
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Declan and all,

I wonder if such is a result of Vint's recent influence?

Declan McCullagh wrote:

> http://news.com.com/What+Google+censors+in+China/2100-1030_3-6031727.html
> What Google censors in China
> January 26, 2006, 1:27 PM PST
> Google's new China search engine not only censors many Web sites that
> question the Chinese government, but it goes further than similar
> services from Microsoft and Yahoo by targeting teen pregnancy,
> homosexuality, dating, beer and jokes.
> In addition, CNET News.com has found that contrary to Google founder
> Sergey Brin's promise to inform users when their search results are
> censored, the company frequently filters out sites without revealing it.
> [...remainder snipped...]
> --------
> This chart is better seen on the Web page (URL above) because it'll be
> poorly-formatted in email, but FYI...
> Site / Category / Google.cn / Yahoo China/ MSN China
> ----------------------------------------------------
> bacardi.com     Alcohol Deleted OK      OK
> badpuppy.com    Gay     Deleted Deleted (1)     OK
> bignews.org     News    Deleted Deleted Deleted
> beerlabels.com  Alcohol Deleted OK      OK
> bombaysapphire.com      Alcohol Deleted OK      OK
> budweiser.com   Alcohol Deleted (5)     OK      OK
> catholiclesbians.org    Religious       Deleted OK      OK
> chinesenewsweek.com     News    Deleted OK      Deleted
> collegehumor.com        Humor   Deleted OK      OK
> date.com        Dating  Deleted OK      OK
> ebaumsworld.com Humor   Deleted OK      OK
> falunasia.info  Advocacy        Deleted OK      Deleted
> faluncanada.net Advocacy        Deleted OK      Deleted
> funnyjokes.com  Humor   Deleted OK      OK
> gaycenter.org   Gay     Deleted OK      OK
> gaycrawler.com  Gay     Deleted OK      OK
> gaytimes.co.uk  Gay     OK      Deleted OK
> gio.gov.tw      Government      OK      Deleted Deleted
> guinness.com    Alcohol Deleted OK      OK
> hightimes.com   Drug use        Deleted (6)     OK      OK
> hrw.org Advocacy        Deleted OK      Deleted
> jackdaniels.com Alcohol Deleted OK      OK
> jokesgallery.com        Humor   OK      Deleted (1)     OK
> lesbian.com     Gay     Deleted OK      OK
> libertytimes.com.tw     News    Deleted OK      OK
> lingerie.com    Sex     Deleted OK      OK
> mm52.com        Entertainment   Deleted OK      OK
> netfirms.com    Web hosting     Deleted OK      OK
> network54.com   Community       Deleted OK      Deleted
> neworder.box.sk Security        Deleted OK      OK
> news.bbc.co.uk  News    Deleted Deleted Deleted
> omnitalk.com    Community       Deleted OK      Deleted
> penthouse.com   Sex     Deleted Deleted (1)     Deleted
> playboy.com     Sex     Deleted Deleted (1)     OK
> pressfreedom.com        Advocacy        Deleted OK      Deleted
> queernet.org    Gay     Deleted OK      OK
> resist.com      Racist  Deleted OK      OK
> rsf.org Advocacy        OK      Deleted (2)     Deleted
> savetibet.org   Advocacy        Deleted OK      Deleted
> search.msn.com  Search  Deleted OK      OK
> seas.upenn.edu  Academic        Deleted (5)     OK      Deleted
> sonicnet.com    Music (VH1)     Deleted OK      OK
> sxetc.org       Sex ed. Deleted OK      Deleted (3)
> teenpregnancy.org       Sex ed. Deleted OK      OK
> theagitator.com Blog    OK      Deleted OK
> thisisessex.co.uk       Local   Deleted OK      OK
> time.com        News    OK      Deleted OK
> voa.gov Government      Deleted (1)     Deleted Deleted
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