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Re: [ga] Reminder

At 05:40 25/02/2005, Danny Younger wrote:
My dedication is not to the ICANN cause; rather I am dedicated to whatever entity can effectively keep governments at arm's length. At the moment, ICANN is the only institution that is so positioned to safeguard my interest, so for now they get my support as well as my criticisms. A properly articulated Strategic Plan is important because it will detail what we can expect in the post MOU environment. If what we will be told does not correlate well with our own vision for the future then we will have to seek out or create new alternatives. Either way, for now it wouldn't hurt to offer ICANN some guidance.

This is what I mean when I say the ICANN cause. And I do not object you to try and us to help. But I saw nothing of interest in the ISP except self satisfaction on points I consider as detrimental to my interests and a bureaucratic growth. This is why I ask to list the pros of ICANN.

What you say is that ICANN keep goverments at arms's length. I can understand that desire from an American citizen in a country which signed an MoU with ICANN (the only one), where the Congress decides of SLDs (the only one), decides of whois, decide of the wheather and of the globe warming, etc. I tend to consider the French Gov the way the law voted by a democratic Parliament describes it, as the protection of the internet naming public service. Not perfect, but to know I expect the French Gov Army to protect me. I expect its other Agencies to serve (not to direct or harm) my own interests.

As the operator of my SNHN (small network, open network), which has the power and the bandwidth of the US international packet switch services 15 years ago, I wish that Governments keep ICANN at arm's length as well.

As an SNHN operator (an @large) I miss a few features:
- a universal open naming space
- a fully multilingual naming space (not an internationalized spoofing/phishing cacoscripty)
- a free permanent IP address and the support of ISP/peering rotation
- no spam, spoof, phishing, etc.
- protection against DoS, drop in bandwidth, root server dysfunctions, privacy/intelligence protection
- sensible propositions against digital divide and e-colonization
- the direct interoperability, interintelligibility, interusability of a Multilingual Internet
- clear indications of the intended network evolution/innovation in the years to come
- sovereignty and security protection for my country, my porximities, my family
- a comprensive, updated, technical Internet book. You know what they have 4000 RFCs :-) The motto is KISS !!!
- intelligent extended services (for.example: is ICANN discussing a world geologic alarm system?)

Let get real.

"J-F C. (Jefsey) Morfin" <jefsey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I admire your dedication to the ICANN cause. The real thing is to know in
what the ICANN has helped the Internet to develop (we can all quote many
failures) and honestly evaluate if the pros beat the cons. The ISP (ICANN
Strategic Plan) is only a way to describe what the ISP should says, then to
say it as a description of the status quo, and then to describe an
administrative growth to make it.

I must say that I read the ISP. I must say I fall aslept several times. I
was just dismayed. It could have been written in 10 pages. I may be wrong
but I read it as "nothing new, except it more and more unnecessary

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