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Re: [ga] FTC, FCC or whatever

  • To: Hugh Dierker <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx>, Don Evans <DEvans@xxxxxxx>, Kathy Smith <KSMITH@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [ga] FTC, FCC or whatever
  • From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:49:32 -0700
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  • Organization: INEGroup Spokesman
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Eric and all former DNSO GA members or other interested

Hugh Dierker wrote:

>    Some beauracatic type dude or dudette decided to make some laws
> (regs) on email that includes sexually explicit matters.
> Perhaps Mr. SS can tell us what will be examined.  Heck, I still do
> not know what it means.

  I don't either, and I also don't believe that Mr./Mrs. SS knows what
or she is really wanting to mean specifically really means by "sexually
explicit matters"   For that matter pornography has yet to be legally
well defined as Larry Flint can attest to and his victory in the US
Supreme court decision of a few years ago attest to...

> In the meantime do not say anything "bad" here or you may be censored.

  Censorship, is any of it's UGLY forms is WRONG...

> It is all to the good I think.  Am I wrong in the words I use?

It is?  And no, for you the words you choose to use are not wrong,
just different...

> {on a multicultural and multilingual level this should be fun - please
> no more pig teats}

Yes IMHO pig teats are disgusting.  However to others, god bless them,
pig teats may be very admirable or appealing!

> I again bow on bended knee with hat in hand, and remember that
> "obedience of the law is the greatest freedom" I just wish I knew the
> law.

  Good point here!  However I have no doubt that Martin Luther King
did not believe that "obedience of the law is the greatest freedom"...
Was he wrong?  I would say no, and the 1964 civil rights Act
and other federal civil rights laws would attest to his correctness
at least...

  Now, what does this all have to do with the DNS?  Well many many
things of course...  As with Email as it is related to a domain name
such as Eric@xxxxxxxxxxxx, is such a Email address or related
domain name worthy of making illegal?  Or any of nastyass.com's
derivative Email addresses??    Slippery slope here??  I think so!
So, regulating morels or legislating morals has never been successful
in the US as the US is a secular state and always has been... I
doubt that any of us are wise enough to challenge or question
our founding fathers adament and hard learned wisdom in
this aspect of our wonderful constitution...

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