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[ga] DNS XML

MPEG just adopted the REL format to describe the IP properties attached to a music, a picture etc. object. I wander if we could not think of an XML structure to describe the IP etc. rights and properties attached to a Domain Name ?

Such an XML format should start with the Whois structure and could include many other properties concerning the transfers, the registrar, the related IP rights, etc. It could also document the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses attached to it. The MX and NX, the aliases etc. Such a format under LDAP could be used to replace the current DNS and possibly permit new name space format and semantic in permitting to manipulate structures. A method of the DN object would be to resolve the IP address. This could permit a new vision of the DNS. For example local inheritances and a simple conceptual response to the ICP-3 call for experimentation of a possibly non single authoritative file DNS - with local occurrences retaining all the advantages of the current root understanding.

Before adding new TLDs it could be of interest to consider it.

For example it might permit to investigate reverse levels. I mean that if the group name is "aaa", the domain name "bbb" and the occurrence "ccc", the domain name could then be "aaa.bbb.ccc", meaning "all the applications of type ccc with the name bbb in the group aaa". If "ccc" is a limited set of typical features, such as countries, languages etc, it would fully respect the 3LD.SLD.TLD structure while introducing a new management style (different zones) and semantic. This would for example permit to accommodate the IDNA management/sales needs more easily (when you have several languages to get supported by a single national ccTLD zone).

IPC complains about famous TM not being supported (they never provided a list). This could be more easily managed in a format where all the Famous Names could be documented. In case of UDRP the XML record would probably be the working tool for the Panel to consider. Another interest would be aliases, specially for telephone numbers associated to a domain name.


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