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[ga] Re: [Politech] Bill Purdy & allies: back in domain name squatting action [fs]

  • To: Declan McCullagh <declan@xxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [ga] Re: [Politech] Bill Purdy & allies: back in domain name squatting action [fs]
  • From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 17:53:50 -0700
  • Cc: william.purdy@xxxxxxxxxxx, General Assembly of the DNSO <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Organization: INEGroup Spokesman
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Declan and all,

  Well as I recall Bill won the last round.  And it seems his recent
activities are just a protest site redirection.  I can't see anything all
that "Confusing" in that myself.  Perhaps a court would see it
differently, but I somehow think with the current legal precedents,
it is unlikely.

Declan McCullagh wrote:

> ---
> From: "William S. Purdy" <william.purdy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: "Declan McCullagh" <declan@xxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Fw: articles
> Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 13:41:14 -0500
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> [...]
> <http://www.nashvillescene.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?story=This_Week:Columns:Desperately_Seeking_the_News>http://www.nashvillescene.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?story=This_Week:Columns:Desperately_Seeking_the_News
> [...]
> Well, not just yet. The Tennessean has just been punked by either a Bronx
> tech firm or a succinctly titled Web site called abortionismurder.org.
> Here's what's going on: The correct Web address for the city's dominant
> daily paper is tennessean.com. A Bronx firm has registered the domain name
> thetennessean.com, however, an address that takes unsuspecting readers to
> abortionismurder.org. There, the reader can download catchy anti-abortion
> songs with titles like "I Can't Wait to See Your Face" and "Precious
> Child." (Music Row, are you listening?) In addition, the reader, who was
> originally just trying to get the day's news, can also learn why abortion
> is murder even in the case of rape and incest and why birth control is dead
> wrong. (The site explains, with an obvious knack for succinctness, that
> "the pill kills.")
> [...]
> Still, for the anti-abortion movement, taking domain names that sound like
> established press outlets and redirecting them to gruesome sites is the
> ultimate way to target the so-called liberal media.
> William Purdy, another anti-abortion activist living in St. Paul, has
> bought more than two dozen Internet domain names that riff off those from
> established news outlets like the Chicago Tribune and Star Tribune. A
> retired railroad engineer, Purdy has been told by the courts to stop it,
> but he keeps filing appeals. The Washington Post is quite understandably
> suing him for using the domain name thewashingtonpostjesus.com, which
> directs people to a site that features a bloody aborted fetus. He explains
> his motives for targeting the Post this way: "They are pro-abortion. Warren
> Buffett, who is pro-choice, sits on their board, and under his direction
> the Post is extremely pro-abortion in their editorial position, and they
> are biased toward pro-abortion in their news reporting. They are pro-death,
> and that's why I targeted them."
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