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Re: [ga] PLEASE COMMENT: Suggested ALAC response to sTLD RFP

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  • Subject: Re: [ga] PLEASE COMMENT: Suggested ALAC response to sTLD RFP
  • From: Eric Dierker <eric@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 01:59:44 -0700 (PDT)
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> Eric and all former DNSO GA members,
>  RICO presupposes that there is criminal intent. 

Intent and motive have long been left out of the elements in prosecution for 
a felony.  
For instance Microsoft.  Intent here is clear - big deal - be my guest.
Now you take a group that has co-opted US government funds for one reason 
and uses them to block competitive sources in another you have a RICO.
Not really complex and the DOC is going in very deeply.
Let me put it more clearly, the DOC, Verisign and ICANN are using various 
instruments to control markets against the public good. That is what Jurist 
call Racketeering. It is the illegal use of Influence and Corruption in an 
Organization.  Note the capitals "RICO". (I apologize I have only drafted a 
mere approximately 5 thousand pages of complaints in such matters)

ICANN and ALAC are not 501c3 Corps.
So what are they?
Illegal gambling?
I checked with the IRS - they are not valid.

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