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Re: [ga] PLEASE COMMENT: Suggested ALAC response to sTLD RFP

  • To: "Thomas Roessler" <roessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <ga@xxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [ga] PLEASE COMMENT: Suggested ALAC response to sTLD RFP
  • From: "Richard Henderson" <richardhenderson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 17:39:19 +0100
  • References: <20030828142018.GL7314@voyager.does-not-exist.org>
  • Sender: owner-ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


ALAC was set up to represent the ICANN Board's interests, not the individual
users' interests.

The ICANN Board showed its contempt for the At Large community when it
expelled the democratically-elected representatives of the At Large from the
ICANN Board.

It then created the ALAC top-down, to create to DoC the impression that
ICANN was involving individual users in the decision-making process.

Nobody asked for ALAC. Nobody asked for the RALOs. The initiative came down
from the top (the Board) and was imposed as a 'de facto' structure.

ALAC does *not* represent the thousand members of the At Large who continued
their community, after the Board Room purge. They are represented at
www.icannatlarge.org  and can also be referenced at www.atlarge.org . Here
you will locate the official and ongoing work of the real At Large.

And they are perfectly ably to represent their own views, and have a
thousand-fold the number of posts on their mailing list, and operate
democratically on the basis of one-person-one-vote... *not* top-down
nominated delegates who present draft statements out of virtually nil

The real At Large insists on one-person-one-vote.

The real At Large insists on the restoration of At Large Board members,
democratically elected.

ALAC in democratic terms represents no-one.

ALAC is a top-down invention, created to create a pseudo-legitimacy, to
serve the separate agenda of the ICANN ruling clique.

Therefore, contributions to your "draft statement" only add false legitimacy
to ALAC's spurious claims, and the semblance that they actually represent
someone, when in fact they represent no-one.


Richard Henderson

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