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Re: [ga] Maintenance and Management of the GA/Apartheid

  • To: Hugh Dierker <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx>, ga <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Andy Gardner <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, denise.michel@xxxxxxxxx, ssene@xxxxxxxxxxxx, rod_beckstrom@xxxxxxxxx, icann-board@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Re: [ga] Maintenance and Management of the GA/Apartheid
  • From: "Jeffrey A. Williams" <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 16:12:09 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

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<P>Eric and all,</P>
<P>&nbsp; Nicely articulated and percisely correct IMO and in the opinion 
historically of many international</P>
<P>bodies such as the UN for instance.&nbsp; Additionally I fully agree with 
Andy's bluntly but accurately</P>
<P>stated historical refrence and conclusion, but of course and saddened by 
2px solid">-----Original Message----- <BR>From: Hugh Dierker 
<HDIERKER2204@xxxxxxxxx><BR>Sent: Sep 26, 2009 8:10 AM <BR>To: ga 
<GA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Andy Gardner <ANDY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx><BR>Subject: Re: [ga] 
Maintenance and Management of the GA/Apartheid <BR><BR>
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<DIV>Thomas Narten is a very pleasant non confrontational passive 
<SPAN>aggressivist</SPAN>.&nbsp; <A 
 He will label people on this list and&nbsp;classify people on this list but he 
uses the concept of "herding cats" to describe what he does.&nbsp; Clearly he 
does not have the temperament for lively social interaction and is quite 
uncomfortable when others engage in it. He believes social contributions are 
measured in numbers.</DIV>
<DIV>Do not be offended by his belittling of human rights or voting rights or 
representation issues because these are not areas he thinks should be discussed 
in public unless in his class where he chooses participants. The concept that 
someone should prove their &nbsp;right to be included in governance is not 
meant as an insult to those asking for rights. We are mere cats that need to be 
herded into conformity.(Yes I know this is a concept most closely associated 
with Apartheid)*</DIV>
<DIV>*I do not mean this in a terrible nasty insidious manner. I only refer to 
it along the lines of gerrymandering for representation control as Narten 
suggests. <A 
 On <B>Fri, 9/25/09, Andy Gardner <I>&lt;andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;</I></B> 
rgb(16,16,255) 2px solid"><BR>From: Andy Gardner 
&lt;andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>Subject: Re: [<SPAN>ga</SPAN>] Maintenance and 
Management of the GA<BR>To: "ga" &lt;ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>Date: Friday, 
September 25, 2009, 8:18 PM<BR><BR>
<DIV class=plainMail><BR><BR>On Sep 25, 2009, at 9:09 AM, Thomas Narten 
wrote:<BR><BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; At this point, IMO, the burden of proof resides on 
those wanting to<BR>&gt; self-organize.&nbsp; This can be done via a private 
list unaffiliated with<BR>&gt; ICANN. I don't think ICANN should be seen as 
blessing such an effort<BR>&gt; because having the list hosted by ICANN would 
appear to give it a<BR>&gt; stature that it in fact does not have, i.e., would 
in effect continue<BR>&gt; the current situation we already have.<BR>&gt; 
<BR>&gt; Thomas<BR><BR><BR>"Burden of proof"<BR><BR>I seem to recall the IDNO 
proved our burden 10 years ago, and got shafted by Esther and her 
pals.<BR><BR>What makes you think we want to go through the same shenanigans 
again when we'll just get a "no" at the end?<BR><BR>It'll be a cold day in hell 
before Registrants get a 
 A. Williams<BR>Spokesman for INEGroup LLA. - (Over 294k members/stakeholders 
strong!)<BR>"Obedience of the law is the greatest freedom" -<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; 
Abraham Lincoln<BR><BR>"Credit should go with the performance of duty and not 
with what is very<BR>often the accident of glory" - Theodore 
Roosevelt<BR><BR>"If the probability be called P; the injury, L; and the 
burden, B; liability<BR>depends upon whether B is less than L multiplied 
by<BR>P: i.e., whether B is less than PL."<BR>United States v. Carroll 
Towing&nbsp; (159 F.2d 169 [2d Cir. 
 1/26/04<BR>CSO/DIR. Internet Network Eng. SR. Eng. Network data security IDNS. 
div. of<BR>Information Network Eng.&nbsp; INEG. INC.<BR>ABA member in good 
standing member ID 01257402 E-Mail jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<BR>Phone: 

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