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RE: [ga] Whois Accuracy Study Launches

  • To: "'Glen de Saint Géry'" <Glen@xxxxxxxxx>, <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [ga] Whois Accuracy Study Launches
  • From: "Debbie Garside" <debbie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 18:19:11 +0100

After a very quick read of this document (and I do mean quick so maybe I
have misunderstood the proposed methodology), I am perhaps a little worried
about the sampling method/size/group for this proposed survey.

In my experience one needs to have a sample size of at least 400 in order to
be able to glean anything sensible from the data. Personally I would like to
see sample sizes of 800 which I believe would give +/-3.3%  margin of error
at the 95% confidence level. It is widely thought that sample sizes above
1200 result in few data variations so 800 is middle of the road if my memory
serves correct.  Although the overall sample size exceeds 1200 I think the
survey should be split into 10-15 separate surveys of at least 400 domain
names for any useful information to be gleaned from the countries

As this proposed methodology would seem to focus on samples linked to
Countries, perhaps it would be better to choose a number of countries from
the 5 continents and then choose a large enough sample size for each country
to give statistically valid information. I would recommend a sample size of
at least 400 and perhaps 2 or 3 countries from each continent.  It might be
interesting to choose the most and least successful in terms of internet
usage/domain name registration with an additional one representing an
average country's use or the choice of country could be based on GDP.  

It is my opinion that the stratified sample as proposed which results in the
analysis of Whois information for 3 domain names from one country will tell
you absolutely nothing about the accuracy of that country's Whois
information as a whole. 

But the last time I did a nationwide survey was in 2002 (Opportunity Wales
State of the Nation) so I am a little rusty on all this.

Best regards



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Whois Accuracy Study Launches

5 June 2009

ICANN in coordination with the National Opinion Research Center at the
University of Chicago ("NORC") has undertaken a study of domain name Whois
contact data accuracy. Over the years, ICANN constituencies and others have
observed apparent inaccuracies in Whois contact data provided by registrants
when registering and maintaining domain names. This is ICANN's attempt to
contribute to community discussion regarding Whois policy and inform ICANN
compliance activities. ICANN and NORC anticipate issuing a preliminary
report on the Whois Data Accuracy Study findings at ICANN 36 in Seoul,
Korea. NORC's sample plan and proposed design methodology are available for

-en.pdf> NORC Whois Data Accuracy Study Design [PDF, 353K] 


Glen de Saint Géry

GNSO Secretariat




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