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[ga] Obama Anti-Trust Chief on Google the Monopoly Threat

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  • Subject: [ga] Obama Anti-Trust Chief on Google the Monopoly Threat
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  As the conclusion of this article clearly states, yes perhaps
Google should be beefing up it's legal staff.  But I believe that
there is another alternative.  That being for Google to start getting
our of it's hugely successful, but skewed search engine to web
business model and find another niche and/or disconnect the search
fully from the web advertising.  This course change would of course
affect Googls stock price for the near too mid term and as such,
lower Googles "Cash Cow" business and commensurate executive salaries,
perks, and Junket trips, as well as have a short to mid term impact on
retirement funding, but it would longer term strengthen the Google brand

and provide for far more shared marketplace in the web advertising

  Basically Google needs to give itself a hair cut!

as an FYI, see:

"The blogosphere regularly excoriates Microsoft for
being a monopoly, but

Google may be in the cross-hairs of the nation's next anti-trust chief
monopolistic behavior, writes Preston Gralla.  Last June, Christine A.
Varney, President Obama's nominee to be the next antitrust chief, warned

that Google already had a monopoly in online advertising. 'For me,
is so last century. They are not the problem,' Varney said at a June 19
panel discussion sponsored by the  American Antitrust Institute,
according to
a Bloomberg report. The US economy will 'continually see a problem
potentially with Google' because it already 'has acquired a monopoly in
Internet online
advertising.' Varney has yet to be confirmed as antitrust chief, and she

said all this before she was nominated. Still, it spells potentially bad

news for Google. It may be time for the company to start adding to its
legal staff."


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