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Re: [ga] NSI immediately registering domains that are searched on their site

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  • Subject: Re: [ga] NSI immediately registering domains that are searched on their site
  • From: "Prophet Partners Inc." <Domains@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 16:43:27 -0500

Hi Jon,

In my opinion, if a registrant searches at a reputable registrar which 
maintains the confidentiality of registrant searches, the domains from those 
queries will most likely not be tasted. The method implemented by NSI only 
ensures that the domain tasters will eventually taste the domains that are 
reserved and released after 4 days, as those domains will have been added to 
the zone file. Furthermore, NSI's new policy further expands and exploits the 
problems with the AGP vs. solving them.

You said "Front Runners purchase search data from [...] registries and then 
taste those names." Is this speculation or do you have evidence that certain 
registries are selling this search data? 

Prophet Partners Inc.

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  I'd like to clarify what we are doing.  In response to customer concerns 
about Domain Name Front Running (domains being registered by someone else just 
after they have conducted a domain name search), we have implemented a security 
measure to protect our customers. The measure will kick in when a customer 
searches for an available domain name at our website, but decides not to 
purchase the name immediately after conducting the search.  


  After the search ends, we will put the domain name on reserve. During this 
reservation period, the name is not active and we do not monetize the traffic 
on these domains. If a customer searches for the domain again during the next 4 
days at networksolutions.com, the domain will be available to register.  If the 
domain name is not purchased within 4 days, it will be released back to the 
registry and will be generally available for registration.


  This protection measure provides our customers the opportunity to register 
domains they have previously searched without the fear that the name will be 
already taken through Front Running. 


  You are correct that we are trying to take an arrow out of the quiver of the 
tasters.  As you know, domain tasters are the largest Front Runners.  Due to no 
fault of registrars, Front Runners purchase search data from Internet Service 
Providers and/or registries and then taste those names.  Some folks may not 
agree with our approach, but we are trying to prevent this malicious activity 
from impacting our customers. 





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