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[ga] RE: GA list

  • To: debbie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "'GA'" <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [ga] RE: GA list
  • From: Hugh Dierker <hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 13:17:19 -0700 (PDT)

I am happy to extend our dates so as to conform literally to these rules. I am 
unhappy to serve without authority. 
  1. We need 4 individuals to serve as Secretariat and EOC, or wait does that 
"and" mean inclusive, so as the secretariat is embodied in the EOC. These 
obviously cannot run for office. We need this small committment.
  2. The addresses will be the list. All public.
  3. Once the EOC is picked, the Chair steps aside regarding the election, 
unless otherwise needed.

Debbie Garside <debbie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      Hmmm.... yes it is a bit of a problem.  There doesn't appear to be much 
interest in the election of a new Chair so I hope our existing Chair is happy 
to serve for another term :-)
  Nevertheless, I think we should really abide by the election mechanism as per 
our new list rules which clearly state:
    The Chair shall be elected for a term of one year and may be re-elected for 
a further one year term but must not serve more than 3 terms in succession. 
  An election is usually held near the end of the term of office for the chair 
of the General Assembly. The exact time is decided by the outgoing Chair. 
Before the start of the election, the (outgoing) Chair selects at least 3 
people who are not candidates to act as an Election Oversight Committee (EOC) 
and Secretariat. The watchdogs agree with the Chair the voting mechanism to be 
employed and receive full details of the voting mechanism and oversee all 
votes. The names of the EOC and Secretariat are to be made public. 
  The election process starts when the GA Secretariat announces that 
nominations are open.
  All nominations and endorsements are made public. 
  Nominees for the Chair are sent to an email address provided by the 
  The nomination period shall be at least one week. 
  I will volunteer for the EOC if there are no other takers.  Now you just need 
two more.

  From: Hugh Dierker [mailto:hdierker2204@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 12 September 2007 19:18
To: debbie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; GA
Subject: GA list

  The super delay in the list and archives to me is making it almost impossible 
to keep our discussion straight. This can really impair functionality of the GA.
  We are not using the GNSO secretariat for any function relating to our 
business. Hopefully that will change. So yes I guess by default as our only 
elected at this point I will act in a position to fulfull that role. But not 
really - we just proceed absent any step to do with the Secretariat.
  Of course we want someone to come up with a better mousetrap. I just know we 
cannot have a lame duck Chair do anything spectacular. So the election for a 
new chair is critical.
  However with up to three hour delays on the mailing list I do not see 
participation flowing.
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