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Re: [ga] Election dates

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  • Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 04:50:40 -0400

Hi Debbie,

I was quoting from Eric's post on September 10th.

You're right. I misread GA Secretariat as GNSO Secretariat. I suppose you would 
be the GA Secretariat.

My initial interpretation of the quote below is that the EOC is to be appointed 
before nominations begin. However, on rereading that section, it appears like 
the original intent was to appoint the EOC after endorsements, but prior to 
voting. Perhaps, a clarification should be made, substituting "Before the start 
of the election" with "Before voting commences".

Prophet Partners Inc.

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  From: Debbie Garside 
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  Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 4:26 AM
  Subject: RE: [ga] Election dates

  Hi Ted

  I think you are quoting from Draft 5 of the GA List Rules - these have since 
been updated to http://www.geolang.com/draftGAListRules6.htm 

  The GA Secretariat refers to someone we (the GA) appoint as secretariat for 
the duration of the elections (longer if we wish) as the GNSO have stipulated 
that they cannot provide this function (unless I have misunderstood).

  Therefore we need to establish an Election Oversight Committee (EOC) of at 
least 3 people (who do not intend to stand for election) with one being 
nominated as Secretariat prior to the call for nominations.  It is the EOC in 
conjunction with the Chair that decide the voting mechanism.

  Feel free to correct me if I have misunderstood the process.

  Best regards

  PS Having re-read the latest List Rules I can see that there needs to be a 
little bit added with regard to EOC representatives not intending to stand for 
election.  I will update this asap unless instructed otherwise.

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Prophet Partners Inc.
    Sent: 12 September 2007 05:14
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    Subject: Re: [ga] Election dates

    Hi Eric,

    According to your post yesterday:

    1. Glen needs to announce that nominations are open and provide an email 
address for nominations/endorsements.
    2. You need to select candidates for an election oversight committee.
    3. The voting mechanism needs to be established.

    AFAIK, none of this has been done yet. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    The Chair shall be elected for a term of one year and may be re-elected for 
a further one year term but must not serve more than 3 terms in succession. 
    An election is usually held near the end of the term of office for the 
chair of the General Assembly. The exact time is decided by the outgoing Chair 
and the Chair of the GNSO.
    ### The election process starts when the GA Secretariat announces that 
nominations are open.
    All nominations and endorsements are made public. 
    ### Nominees for the Chair are sent to an email address provided by the 
    The nomination period shall be at least one week. 
    ### After the close of the nomination period, endorsements for the 
candidates are sent to an email address provided by the Secretariat.
    The endorsement period shall be at least one week. 
    Before the end of the endorsement period, candidates that wish to be 
considered for the post must have sent in an acceptance of the nomination. 
    All candidates who have accepted the nomination, and have at least two 
endorsements from subscribers to the GA mailing list are considered candidates. 
    Note: Candidates are allowed to endorse themselves. Members can endorse 
multiple candidates. 
    ### Before the start of the election, the (outgoing) Chair selects at least 
3 people who are not candidates to act as an election oversight committee.  The 
watchdogs agree with the Chair and the GNSO Chair the voting mechanism to be 
employed and receive full details of the voting mechanism and oversee all 
votes. The names of the election committee are to be public.
    Voting is secret; only the secretariat and the committee will be allowed to 
see the votes.
    Each subscriber to the General Assembly mailing list receives one vote. 
    Subscribers must have been members with at least 5 postings to the list, at 
least 90 days prior to the call for an election. The election period shall be 
at least 14 days.

    Prophet Partners Inc.

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      From: Hugh Dierker 
      To: ga 
      Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 10:26 PM
      Subject: [ga] Election dates

      We will need dates to cut off the nomination period and the endorsement 

      I will pick the 13th and the 20th. But of course this will not make any 
difference if there are no nominations.

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