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OT to:RE: [ga] Fwd: RAA working group observers Inegroup concerns

  • To: ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: OT to:RE: [ga] Fwd: RAA working group observers Inegroup concerns
  • From: jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 16:06:51 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

Tim and all,

  First off I am not going to respond to your question in detail
on this forum as it is off topic.  Secondly, your indication
of your search wasn't very clear as to how and where you 
did your search, so in any event it is not possible for
me to answer your question off-list either unless you wish
to recouch it.  Third, I have answered this question so many times
in the past in very great detail, I believe it is overly redundant 
to answer it yet again as you are or were a GA subscriber where 
I answered this question fully on the GA list, so you may seek 
it the archives for this forum.  Forth, as your question seemingly 
as posted here on the GA list for some other purpose other than for 
informational reasons, I don't feel overly inclined to yet again 
answer it.  Fifth, my sig file has the answer to your question, 
ergo making it redundant.  Sixth, if you wish further information, 
please seek a FOIA request from the appropriate government agencies, 
state and federal to which I have already provided reference to same 
in an earlier post on this forum, and should again, reside in the 
archive accordingly.  

  And finally your response below to the subject line is off 
Topic as far as I can reasonably determine, although no official
difinitive determination of what is and what is not, on, or off
topic has been defined to date, subjective and opinionated considerations
not withstanding.  So I would surmise that your inquiry is disruptive and very 
close to being off topic and definately off subject in accordance with the 
subject line.  Be that as it may or may not, I hope my response above was non 
the less helpful or provided you with some guidance.

  To be even more frank, it appears to me that much of what 
is being discussed lately on this forum is more of a personal
nature < inferred ad hominum attacks > and not at all related 
to what history is known and documented/archived, in as much as 
user and registrant actual issues are concerned.  I cannot undo 
our organizations existance, registrations, membership, or stated 
positions on any issue which has in the past been discussed, 
decided by our members, and stated by myself as such.  I also am 
only one member, I serve as spokesman to which I have three times 
been elected to and said elections are a matter of public record 
for any and all to review with proper procedural process observed 
by the FEC.  I also cannot obtain those records for anyone, not 
even a fellow member without the stated written and signed 
permission of the Bod and Sr. executive staff accordingly.  I do 
not have that authority or even ability.  To attempt to do so by 
myself in anyone elses, or other organizations behalf, would be 
attempted fraud.  To request or infer such a request to me, by 
any third party, is as I am additionally legally advised, paramount 
to same.  Ergo, I will again ask you or anyone to follow the necessary 
proceedures required under law, FEC regulation, and in accordance 
with our stated policy and privacy agreements with every one of 
our members, or you can except the answers I have already given,
and are listed in my sig file.

  As all my posts to this and other designated forums to which
I am a participant, are automatically forwarded to those members
whom choose to recieve them, and some of which are godaddy registrants.
I am sure I shall be hearing back from some of them accordingly.

  As I am also the CSO of my company and a signatory of the national
securities act, I am also duty bound to direct you or anyone else,
to the FOIA policy and procedure avaliable to all Americans for
attaining the information you seem to desire if you desire independant
verification.  Due to the sensitive nature of some of the work my 
company does, I would be in violation of that act accordingly, Mr. 
Dierkers objections or any proposed GA list rules not withstanding, 
to the extent your request seems to be inferring.  I also am bound 
by our policy, which I designed, in publically giving out the information 
to which you seem to seek at this time given the contentious nature 
of ICANN and the GNSO.

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>From: Tim Ruiz <tim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Sent: Sep 2, 2007 8:03 AM
>To: ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: RE: [ga] Fwd: RAA working group observers Inegroup concerns
>Just curious, what name is it incorporated under? I did a search on
>several variations but couldn't find anything even close - INEGroup, INE
>Group, INEG, Internet Network, Internet Network Engineering, etc.


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