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[dow3tf] Whois task force 3 draft minutes / notes February 4

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  • Subject: [dow3tf] Whois task force 3 draft minutes / notes February 4
  • From: "GNSO SECRETARIAT" <gnso.secretariat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 16:59:16 +0100
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Attached please find the draft minutes /notes of the February 4 task force 3

Please let me know if there are any changes you would like made.
Thank you.

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
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<p align="center"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>WHOIS Task Force 
  3 Teleconference February 4, 2004 - Minutes</b></font></p>
<p><b><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">ATTENDEES:<br>
<p><b><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">GNSO Constituency representatives:<br>
  </font></b><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> Intellectual Property 
  Interests Constituency - Brian Darville - Chair:<br>
  Registrars Constituency - Ross Rader<br>
  Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Terry Clark <br>
  Internet Service Providers and connectivity providers Constituency</font> - 
  <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Greg Ruth</font><br>
  <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><br>
  <b>ICANN Staff Manager</b>: Barbara Roseman<br>
  </font><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>GNSO Secretariat:</b> Glen 
  de Saint G&eacute;ry <br>
  <b>Absent: </b></font><br>
  <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">gTLD Registries constituency: - Ken 
  Stubbs </font><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> </font> - <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">apologies</font><br>
  <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Non Commercial Users constituency 
  - Frannie Wellings<br>
  Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Kiyoshi Tsuru<br>
  Commercial and Business Users constituency - Sarah Deutsch <br>
  At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) liaisons: - Vittorio Bertola <br>
  <b>Brian Darville</b> referred to the <a href="http://gnso.icann.org/mailing-lists/archives/dow3tf/msg00082.html";>reformatted 
  survey questionnaire</a> by Marilyn Cade and Sarah Deutsch that had no material 
  <b>Brian Darville</b> listed the task force members and other contacts who would 
  be useful in distributing the survey:<br>
  <b>Brian Darville:</b> request Intellectual Property contacts, and find out 
  about news and travel companies<br>
  <b>Ken Stubbs: </b>prepaid cellular companies<br>
  <b>Marilyn Cade</b> AT&amp;T and telecoms<br>
  <b>Ross Rader </b>contact Richard Shockey for information and find out the status 
  of the ENUM project<br>
  <b>Greg Ruth </b> contact ISPs<br>
  <b>Sarah Deutsch </b>contact the companies identifed by her.<br>
  <b>Brian Darville </b>mentioned that someone should take the lead in case he 
  was unable to attend the Whois Workshop in Rome.</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>Survey analysis:</b><br>
  How would responses to the questions be analysed.<br>
  <b>Brian </b>suggested that a group take on the task.<br>
  <b>Ross Rader</b> mentioned that an alternate Registrars' representative, Brian 
  Cute from Networksolutions would join the group.</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>Barbara Roseman</b> suggested 
  that there should be uniformity in reviewing the responses.<br>
  Suggestions were made according to respondent category and responses to specific 
  questions. <br>
  <b>Ross Rader</b> proposed drafting a scheme on reveiwing the data.<br>
  <b>Brain Darville</b> offered to draft an outline of the interim report for 
  Friday 13, February 2004.</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b><br>
  MP3 recordings:</b><br>
  <b>Ross Rader</b> asked about the outcome of the survey on MP3 recordings. The 
  GNSO Secretary referred to the <a href="http://gnso.icann.org/issues/whois-privacy/mp3survey-results-22jan04.shtml";>findings</a> 
  published on the gnso website</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>Next Call:</b><br>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Responsible for drafting a report 
  for 25 February :<br>
  Brian Darville, Brian Cute, Terry Clark, and Ross Rader<br>
  After consensus the report would be circulated to the task force.<br>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Aim:<br>
  Draft circulated to task force by 18 February.<br>
  </font><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>Brian Darville thanked everyone 
  for their presence and participation and ended the call at 15:20 UTC.<br>
  </b> <b>Next call: Wednesday 11, </b> <b>15:00 UTC, 10:00 EST, 7:00 Los Angeles, 
  16:00 CET.<br>

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