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RE: [dow3tf] Task Force 3 ? ENUM and UN Information

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ENUM is implemented on a national basis. Countries are in different stages of trialing ENUM. :-)
I agree with Sarah -- many of the infrastructure providers of the Internet are trialing, participating, or engaged in an ENUM initiative within their country of origin. 

It is important not to think that the instantiation country by country is exactly alike another country. :-)

Tony Holmes, BT, is the chair of the UK initiative... he and Mark McFadden, chair, ASO, helped to organize a briefing for ICANN at a recent meeting... Rio, as I recall....

perhaps we should ask Tony to brief all TFs on ENUM... 
As someone responsible for the policy issues of ENUM, I can attest to how easy it is to misunderstand it/its role... :-) 

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We have engineers participating in the ENUM process (as I'm sure others do)
if people want more information.


Sarah B. Deutsch
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Verizon Communications
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As discussed in our January 14, 2004 conference call, Terry Clark's firm
put together some information regarding the ENUM project and the UN
Website, which is pasted below for the information of the Task Force.  We
can thank Terry and Angela Smith of his firm for this information.


 Below is a summary of the information identified in the ENUM paper and
UN/CEFACT web site.
> "ENUM is a protocol developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force
whereby the "Domain Name System can be used for identifying available
services connected to one E.164 (domain name) number."  The paper discusses
how the system as a whole. The most relevant portion of the paper for the
task force deals with verification procedures for ensuring the correct
information of the applicant and ownership of the phone number.  The paper
lists the following examples of authorization methods and indicates that
reliability of the information would be improved if a combination of the
following were used.  The verification is the responsibility of the ENUM
> Residential Customers
> 1)  Obtain credit card number
> 2)  Obtain copy of drivers license, passport or other government-issued
> 3)  Query the Line Information database (LIBD) (shows the name of the
number assignee, the service provider and the type of service)
> 4)  Obtain copy of most recent phone bill
> 5)  Call the phone number to be registered and utilize information from a
trusted source, authenticate the registrant and request information
> 6)  Contact number assignee (via information obtained from a trusted
source) and verify registration request
> 7)  For wireless numbers, send password via short message service or text
pate to handset or pager for authentication.
> Business Customers
> 1)  Receipt of letter with company's letterhead and/or purchase order
> 2)  Contact number assignee (via information obtained from a trusted
source) and verify registration request
> 3)  Check credit history of business
> 4)  Query the Line Information database (LIBD) (shows the name of the
number assignee, the service provider and the type of service)
> 5)  Obtain copy of most recent phone bill
> There is a lot of information on the website dealing with trade and
e-commerce.  I reviewed almost every link on the site.  I did not locate
any specific information on verification or authentication processes for
e-commerce that would apply to the task group other than those mentioned
below.  I  would be more beneficial to con> tact them with the list of
questions.  It would be surprising if they have not dealt with or
considered the authentication issue. The contact information is below:
> UN Economic Commission for Europe
> Palais des Nations, Room 442
> CH-1211 Geneva 10
> Switzerland
> Telephone: +41 22 917 27 73
> Telefax: +41 22 917 00 37
> E-mail: CEFACT@xxxxxxxxx
> I did locate the following information that is worth mentioning:
> Electronic Commerce Agreement- the legal entity information is listed
including VAT or other tax number as well as a Trade Registration Number;
> E-COMMERCE SELF-REGULATORY INSTRUMENTS (Codes of Conduct)-  lists that
all information provide should be reliable.  The signing parties MUST
provide reliable data.
> Unique Identification Code Methodology - UNIC- mentions using unique
party identification codes; the code uses a party identifier and the
parties DUNS number
> Standard business document header working group- mentions a layering
process of business transmittals but the information is not verified other
than a DUNS number is listed on the business header document.
> ISO Report to Technical Training Board- paper on CALS and the electronic
marketplace- discusses need for registration authority and need for valid
values. Does not discuss how it will be implemented.
> Trade Point Global Network (GTPNet)- located at http://www.gtpnet-e.com/-
might be relevant, however, the link is down.


Brian Darville
Oblon, Spivak
(703) 412-6426

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