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[dow3tf] Data Verification Practices of Registrar Constituency Members

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  • Subject: [dow3tf] Data Verification Practices of Registrar Constituency Members
  • From: "Ross Wm. Rader" <ross@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 15:21:42 -0500
  • Organization: Tucows Inc.
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gTLD related;
- no verification on submission other than technical.
- technical to ensure appropriate data structure on submission.
- ensure that all required data elements are collected.
- require acceptance of registration agreement (which and enforces registrant data accuracy requirements).
- compliance with WDRP and ICANN Whois Problem Reports.

ccTLD related;
		- check to ensure that the registrant is a valid legal entity.
		- manually verify existence of registrant provided identity information.
		- no address/contact info checking.

Two conditions were flagged as being primary conditions that must exist as the result of any data verification technique;

a) is the information submitted representative of an actual person, place or thing (ie - is the phone number a real phone number, is the name the name of a real person and is the address the location of a real place).

b) is the relationship between the data submitted representative of the actual situation. (Joe McDonald may say that he is submitting on behalf of Tucows Inc. and use real street names and phone numbers but does the story hold together when the connections between the data is examined?)

This summary reflects the input of 4 constituency members. I have not yet received clearance from these members to publish specifics of their responses, but will do so if and when I do.



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