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RE: [dow3tf] TR: Task Force 3? Revised List of Companies to Survey

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  • Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 18:33:55 -0500
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Yahoo and maybe MSN Hotmail would be interesting... I seem to recall that they have several business models; some of them require contact information for billing, electronically. I think I recall having to give contact information in sighing up for non billable services...but better to verify what they do/etc. 
If asking one registry with multiple lines of business, probably good to ask others who have multiple lines of business. 

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Subject: Re: [dow3tf] TR: Task Force 3? Revised List of Companies to

On 1/14/2004 6:16 PM Brian Darville noted that:

> Why don't we get information from Verisign, Geotrust and other companies in that market who should be included.

A reasonable idea, but I would still prefer to remove Verisign from the 
list and avoid the baggage that accompanies them as a registry and 
former monopoly provider.

If we include them, we should encourage the other registry operators to 
provide us with their input as well. Neustar, for instance, does 
business in other markets where their expertise and specialty likely 
exceeds that possessed by Verisign in the payment processing space.

In any event, Geotrust is an excellent resource as they play in both the 
certificate (PKI) and payment processing space.

I was also thinking that we should include Yahoo! and MSN. I suspect 
that we will gain substantial perspective from their experiences with 
enrolling customer data and provide us with a clearer understanding of 
the continuum of practices employed by ISPs and other similar online 
service providers.



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