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RE: [dow2tf] Meeting Tuesday August 3rd (9-11am EST; 2-4pm UTC)

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  • Subject: RE: [dow2tf] Meeting Tuesday August 3rd (9-11am EST; 2-4pm UTC)
  • From: "Neuman, Jeff" <Jeff.Neuman@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 16:35:08 -0400
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I think the idea of co-chairs is a good one assuming there is more than one
person willing :)

I will also try to provide before the call, my notes from the KL meeting as
well.  Feasibility is certainly one of the areas that will need to be looked

It seems like we are stuck with a little bit of the chicken and the egg
problem here.  How will we do a feasibility study on a solution before we
have a solution....  AND How will we develop a solution before we know if it
is feasible?

One of the arguments made in many of the comments received to date (albeit
in a form letter fashion) was an opposition to tiered access because of a
belief that such an approach was not feasible.  I believe that it is our job
to try and come up with policy that would be feasible to implement.  

Call me the optimist, but I believe we can.



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Subject: Re: [dow2tf] Meeting Tuesday August 3rd (9-11am EST; 2-4pm UTC)

Thanks for kicking this off, Jeff.

I recommend co-chairs. Each TF has some separate expertise... Also, we need
a more subtantive list of the possible items for developing consensus policy
before we develop the work porgram. You gave us a good start and others
should build on it....
Finally, before we leap into a work program on tiered access, should we
assess the feasibility and time lines, and if not, at what point would we
consider that?

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